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Angry Tennis Players Smashing Rackets!!!

Angry Tennis Players Smashing Rackets!!!

This is a video containing some angry tennis players smashing their rackets. Including Nadal ‘almost’ smashing his racket.

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  1. If you do it more than once. Your letting emotions run your match. Sucking even more

  2. I actually just started learning tennis and I have NEVER EVER been this mad

  3. イライラするのはわかるけど物に当たるのほんとにやめてほしい

  4. トマトケチャップ


  5. Imagine realising you forgot your spare racket

  6. A man who can not control his anger who can he have control over a tiny ball ?

  7. なんかキッズって謎のプロ目線でラケット破壊擁護したがるよね(笑)

  8. 道具を大事にしないのは雑魚の証拠だってばっちゃが言ってた

  9. 何で新品のラケットまで折った?これはやばすぎ

  10. If you can't respect your racket then you stop paying with it….

  11. Sravanth Kumar Chintalacheruvu

    I guess the brand value of the racket companies decrease when a top player breaks their rackets

  12. If you don't know how to play, don't blame the racket.

  13. Those poor rackets, I hope you have a better life than that 😂

  14. now I understand how the racket industry is making money

  15. 10:55 Dabster behind xD

  16. 悔しいのは分かるけど道具を壊すのはちょっと………

  17. 全員がこんなんじゃないっていうのは分かってるけどテニス民ってキレるの早くね?

  18. ラケットに八つ当たり、かっこ悪い・・・

  19. It is so funny

  20. Who's back after knowing the semifinal results US Open 2019 :)?


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