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Sailing on a Budget | How we make a Living | S03E52

It takes a lot of flexibility and strategic planning to sail the world on a budget. In this episode we decide where to do the boat projects that we need to tackle before crossing the Pacific on the cheap and we go into detail explaining our editing process and how we make videos on a 30 foot sailboat.

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20 comentarios

  1. Patrick Childress Sailing

    Try Cartagena Columbia? Don’t know what it’s like now…but we did tons of boat work there. But then again we didn’t need to have anything shipped in. And it was 10 or 12 years ago. -Rebecca

  2. a view from the pilothouse

    When I put things together and they are not really perfect but needs to be quick and inexpensive or just for a specific purpose and not really a long term thing.   Such as a jig or a quick pattern to get something done.  Great example in the case of a workable desk situation, I use a term I used in the military.  "it's for GO not for SHOW".  As long as it works for what you need it for then, press on, it doesn't need to be pretty just functional.Jeff.

  3. RebelMusik Worldwide

    hey guys, been meaning to thank you guys for the cuban experiences a comment i left
    Concerning Cuba….. As an island boy going back to the mid 1950's , i went to preparatory and high school with Cuban kids, we never had any beefs or dislikes, and even today some of our reggae musicians, artists theatrical talents share a Caribbean love. I am always happy to see our sailing community in the Cuban isles and within Cuba especially documenting the culture, the love, and some of their foods etc to share and enlighten the world…thanks from us in de Caribbean

  4. Random question- how do you stay fit on a tiny sailboat? Swimming every day?

  5. When sitting make a conscious effort not to slouch as to keep the weigh off your lower back. Arm rest will help support the weigh

  6. 60 ft motor sailer…. putting a Cummins 5.9 in … stern tube and strut brg in…. in Maine on hard… getting colder…. older couple doing it cheap. 145 dollars a month on the hard. Trying to splash b4 the weather turns too bad. Maybe go south again this season. Retired 1600 and 1200 per month social security. Boat living is costing us less than shore living last three years even paid for new engine and one towing episode… no real estate taxes and heating Bill's. Don't do marina's. New engine 1/3 off Cummins recon price due getting it off a boat builder that client wanted 6.7s instead of 5.9.
    It can be done economically.
    Presently putting in wet exhaust … all welding and design done in house…. it takes time to source parts economically but well worth DIY.

  7. You guys can go to Dominican Republic , to Luperon city , you can get any parts there and close from where you guys are

  8. Great video Thanks!

  9. You guys are awesome!!!

  10. Watching your videos makes my heart feel light. It’s like I’m living vicariously through you two. Thank you for being such an inspired and inspiring couple. To infinity and beyond. 🙂

  11. Just discovered your channel a couple days ago. Great info. Thanks! Subscribed. Would you mind saying how much $$ you have in your boat so far?

  12. Just found your channel and I must say I’m glad I did. Let me tell ya why, I follow 28 sailing channels and yes uma is one of them. I hope to be out on the water myself one day before I have to leave this world… Anyway love you guys because your the first ones that I have found that went to the Grand Caymans. I spent a week on 7 mile beach and had a great time in Margaritaville… The island is amazing. If you ever go back check out the car museum and don’t forget your trip will not be complete unless you go to Hell.. Anyway be safe have fun and enjoy…

  13. Hey what’s wrong with your spars? They look to be in great condition

  14. You know what being a filipino its hard for us to sail, you know why? White peoples can easily access any country where they may go.. that’s reality..

  15. A freezer and an office chair 😂 wow; quite the boat😃

  16. Hey guys , I watch yall all the time an if yall come back to the states yall come to wilmington nc an yall can stay at my house free for however long an I will help work on the boat to

  17. Sure glad you decided to sail to panama instead of the states!

  18. I knew that Bowditch and Rules of the Road were good for something! :-))

  19. When your working on your boat you should hang a fold down desk top at what ever height is comfortable for you to stand

  20. Yeah and in the us your gonna pay the price


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