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Should you quit swimming? Asking the right question

Swimmers often write to me asking if they should quit swimming. They don’t enjoy swimming as much as they used to or they have stoped improving which makes them hate swimming. I would like to tell you a story about the greatest breaststroker of our time, Adam Peaty. In an interview he said that one sunday evening at the age of 14 he realized he wanted to quit swimming, he didn’t think he could handle the two sessions a day. His mom told him to go for one more week and if at the end he didn’t like it he could stop swimming. The next week his mom told him the same thing. I guess that this continued for a couple of weeks until he realized that some days swimming is not fun. however, there are days that make it all worth it.

Sometime we look too far into the future and feel like getting to our goal is impossible. I have said to myself in the past “How can I be that fast if I can’t even beat my best time from last year?”. I was asking the wrong question. I then asked myself “what is stopping me from being that fast?”. Then I found what is truly holding me back. Most of the time the main issue is going to practice with a bad attitude. when i went to practice with a bad attitude, I would get frustrated with any mistake and things get dark. Swimming with a bad attitude is like having foggy goggles. Your vision gets blurry, you don’t understand things correctly and you start doing things wrong.

You can’t always go to practice feeling joyful but you can prepare mentally on the way to the pool how you are going to react to the pain, the annoying swim-mate, or the coach yelling at you. You can say to yourself that today you will get faster, even if it is a little bit. You will improve your technique, you will work on one weakness of yours, or simply that you will do one more underwater kick after that last wall of the 100 meters fast pace. That is enough. If you focus on improving one small thing each practice you will feel proud.

Most of the time swimming is painful and difficult, but if you find joy in the little things and celebrate the small victories, every practice can be worth it.

Remember, prepare yourself mentally for practice and find small things to keep improving.

I hope you find this video helpful, if you did, leave a comment below.

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Adam Peaty interview

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20 comentarios

  1. I totaly agree with the video but in the end its a hobby and should be enjoyed. I have swam for 4 years now and don't see a future.I think the vodeo is great and will inspire others but in my situation i feel its best for me to stop.

  2. Im thinking of quitting because i have just moved up to squad (a higher level) and older, faster people are there. They do 250m of freestyle and not get tired but if I do 100m freestyle I get tired. I’m scared that i’m not good enough and I cant even do backstroke tumbleturn (flipturn) correctly.

  3. Why can't I think of an actual name

    I recently moved to another swimming club, and my times got significantly worse, I hate all the people, its so crowded. There was litterally 17 I repeat, FRICKING 17 swimmers in one lane! I was thinking of quitting for a few weeks, my toughts didnt change since then. And since my times got up like 10 seconds I really feel like there is no way back. I am in a very dark place. Should I actually quit?

  4. I am 36. People take swimming lessons with me are 40s and 50s and some of them are 70s and 80s. They keep telling me that swimming is an insurance. Anyway it is fun to swim and I don't want to lose that feeling.

  5. I've just quit swimming and it's AWESOME!

  6. I don’t have good team mates but I do have a lovely coach. My swim team isn’t really the best and honestly I’m the worst in it but I try hard. I had to stop for a while for exams and before hand wasn’t swimming 5 day a week more like 3/4 because of study and then I wanted a week or two off because my exams where over after 2 weeks and I was exhausted and didn’t want to do early mornings. It’s been 6 weeks now and I’m going away for 2 so I will be 8 weeks aka 2 whole months. Before this brake I didn’t want to give up but now I do. My goal is not to complete but say fit and swim 5 days a week it always has been but idk anymore is it to late to go back? it’s gonna be hard ik ……….. idk what to do ?

  7. I am 54 years old.I have joined swimming coaching 20 days back.I have learnt dog paddling,but since last few days I develop severe throbbing headache as soon as I start swimming,in my first breadth itself.It lasts for half an hour or so.I had just started learning a bit,but the headache comes every day.Please help me out.

  8. me watching after having a hard nonstop practice

  9. Well, when it is time to head to the pool, I get all twitchy, in a good way, because the body knows it is time to amp up. Not sure that I have seen it anywhere, but the question of 'over training' does come up. I know it is highly dependent on the individual, but one guy at my pool says I am way over training. I am 68 and swim 4500 to 5000 yards 5 days a week. No major aches and pains, other than 'oh, I can tell I haven't done that in a while…' I have lost 10 pounds in the last 3 months, and taken off more than 5 seconds off of my 50 yard over arm side stroke sprints. 30+ more pounds to go and want my 50 yard sprint timed down another 10 seconds…. I don't feel like I am over extending my limits. but am increasing my effort/swimming faster rather than adding more laps, at least for now…

  10. I have to remind myself why I swim…..for fitness. I don't compete.

  11. how do you do that if you are 1.78 80 kilos and you have to compete with people 1.86 88 kilos?


  13. Not just a technicality but they guide with a psychological side of swimming. This channel is just the best channel I've seen so far.

  14. Cotton candy fluffy

    I hate swimming sooo much

  15. 좋은 영상 , 조언 감사합니다! 늘 잘 보고 있어요

  16. Eigirdas Siniauskas

    when i get this in recommendations while im gona start swimming as complete beginner in 1 week nice

  17. Dominik Slayer like a player

    Never quit

  18. Am a swimmer i will never quit

  19. I dont even swim but this message made my heart melt 🙂 thanks for inspiring me to learn how to swim ^•^


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