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What is the 40 Man Roster?

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  1. Matt I had a question if you hadn't had problems with your wrist do you think you would have played longer in MLB?

  2. wow, I had no idea how much minor league ball players could struggle to survive. My hats off to them!

  3. What was your best defensive play during your time in the big league

  4. 40 man roster also applies to mid September when post season is closing in and they allow the teams to jump from 25 players to 40 players per team on the field… or am I wrong?

  5. Which teammate had the Biggest house that you went to

  6. Hi, Mr. Antonelli. I’m trying out for my community college team. While the league’s nothing special, how do you say I prepare for it and what should I expect at the tryout? Thanks for the help.

  7. Hey Matt, what happens with your relationship with your agent after you retire from professional baseball?

  8. Do you belong to the union if you are on the 40 man or only when you are called up?

  9. Dragon Breath Spine of creation

    Question how is pay structured is it weekly monthly lump sum beginning of season middle end of season please explain when you get paid through out minors and majors.

  10. Can u do a video of how would u set up a line up 1-9 and describe what is the job in ur opinion of each individual

  11. Hey Matt, I am curious about something. Did you ever consider or were you ever offered to play in Japan and/or South Korea?

  12. Can you talk about the rule 5 draft and why Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is still in a baseball organization even though he plays football fulltime?

  13. Plz make a video on explaining the rule 5 draft!!!

  14. Do you still live off your major league money?

  15. Tryouts for HS are in a week can you make a video on how to make the team

  16. Hi Matt just wondering how did u meet your agent and why did you choose him. Also did you use a lawyer to be your agent?

  17. Do u play fantasy baseball?

  18. what about signing bonuses, we see these kids in the first round making millions off signing bonuses. I know the later your drafted the lower that number might be, but how does that work out and when do you see money from the signing bonus.

  19. What are the cost of agents.

  20. How does a team decide who plays with the 25 man roster during spring training


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