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Tony Hawk's Mctwist! Birdhouse Demo in Athens


I met Tony Hawk! Him and the rest of the birdhouse team came to Athens OH on their tour to skate the park near my college. I had a bunch of clips of everyone but most of the tricks landed were from Tony. I only had these angles cause I couldn’t move from my spot which is why some tricks are filmed bad. It was still a blast to watch him throw down! He still kills it. Thanks for watching I hope you guys liked it.

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  1. Definitely the coolest person to ever come to this shithole.

  2. I didn't know his lip tricks were that good

  3. Where were YOU when the McTwist was performed


  5. wibyson e ueberson do minecraft

    Querem aprender falar português ?

  6. Man. I love seeing Tony Hawk do a Mctwist at the park I skate. So sick. Good video! One day I'm going to drop in where he did it and I'll put it on my channel lol

  7. 1:54 THERE I AM!!! I'm the fat kid with the grey shirt, black and white with a little bit of blue shorts, and I have a camera in hand. I got some great pictures that day. There hanging up in my room.

  8. I live in athens I was their I skate their every day I'm electing

  9. I live I'm


  11. It's so sick seeing Tony Hawk skate the Athens skatepark

  12. after playing tony hawk this is dissapointing

  13. I was there, just not skating. I like to skate, but I'm awful, so I didnt want to embarrass myself, haha

  14. He worked up a sweat! 2:30

  15. no jaws footy?

  16. @Casey Bechler my buddy Ryan Jones was wearing the revive shirt haha

  17. that was dope do you know how old tony hawk is now days?

  18. IM IN THIS! At 2:10 my friend and I are wearing hats on a skateboard (mine is gray his is red)

  19. Awesome video

  20. Yo man i was there! But too bad you didnt get his front flip out of the deep end. (Might have been a backflip but im like 90% sure he did a front flip)


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