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Juliana Carver Swimming, Gifts and Scans (May 21-June 4 2013)

Juliana continues to amaze me. Her attitude is outstanding and her smile makes my day!
Thank you for continuing to pray for her, long term, healing from cancer.

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  1. The water looks so dirty

  2. Hey guys I'm a new to watching your videos. Do you have po box? Juliana you are so brave and amazing?

  3. Princess Taliajoy Angel Hope

    Prayers for you sweet girl Julia 💖🙏

  4. We live in the woods and, at the time, there was something related to the decaying of leaves. It has since been resolved.

  5. Thank you so much!!! She needs prayers from everyone…I can't tell you how much I appreciate every prayer!

  6. She inspires me so much. Prayers for you guys everyday!

  7. Why is it green

  8. rhabdomyosarcoma

  9. Does your beautiful girl have a type of sarcoma like ewing sarcoma or rhabdomyosarcoma?

  10. You sure that's a pool and not a lake? Lol jk. Hope she gets better

  11. Sinai Children's Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.

  12. What hospital is this little girl being treated at?

  13. You're welcome!!! She's a beautiful little girl.

  14. Your prayers mean EVERYTHING TO ME!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  15. Oh. I hope and pray that it doesn't come back! I pray for her every night.

  16. Hi…thanks for your question. The easy answer is "muscle cancer" although there is a much longer name for it. She had scans last week and they can't find it anymore BUT this is the third time she has had it and the doctors think it will come back. She needs lots of prayers. Thank you very much!

  17. What type of cancer does Juliana have and what stage is it?

  18. She's a little sore from her surgery yesterday but doing okay.

  19. Thank you for your kind words. All life is precious.

  20. I'm only 14 and because of your story I don't take life for granted anymore. Thank you for changing my life and the life of many others


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