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Major Upgrades For our Sailboat in Turkey and Costs !

We sail all the way from Spain to Turkey to have some major upgrades completed including new standing rigging, new cockpit canopy, new sails and a double Racor filter fitted on the engine.
The last time we had major works done was in Tunisia last year but we still had a lot left to do. This video shows how we prepare for the work to be done, how we had to import the rigging into Turkey and it shows a lot of the work being done.
Woody also takes off on a tour of workshops and new boats in the Gocek area on the back of a motorbike.

We are a family with 3 children and make our own electricity and water, homeschool the kids and do our own boat maintenance. Our dream of cruising and exploring the world’s oceans is matched with a desire to live a more off-grid and sustainable lifestyle. A background as RYA instructors, flotilla skippers and RNLI crew only partly prepared us for the challenges of this live-aboard lifestyle!
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