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5 Kayaks Under $300 Reviewed: Are They Worth It?

5 Kayaks Under 0 Reviewed: Are They Worth It?

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  1. Great job Dan, I have watched several of your videos and learned so much.Thanks

  2. I just bought a blade 120. It's 12 feet and me being 6' 3" I'm pretty comfy legs are way away from the dash. $250 think I did ok for my first kayak.

  3. Loved this video!! Makes me feel a lot better about my little trailblazer being my first kayak and getting started. I have found I enjoy just being on the water! Hopefully some day I'll be able to upgrade

  4. I live in Oregon and been watching kayakers for years and I will be getting one,thanks on the information. 🤝

  5. I appreciate and respect your kayek knowledge as obviously you are a kayak savant.. Having said that I believe that your condescending remarks about minimum wage kayak unsophisticated salespeople is unneeded.

  6. Great upload!!! I wish I could like this video 1,000 times

  7. Wow thank you for this video! I never thought I'd be able to own a kayak and I'd be doomed to rent. Now I gotta figure out how I can transport it with my little car. 🙂

  8. Thanks lots. I am brand new and had no idea where to start.

  9. I made a gator into kayak lol 😂

  10. I just bought the Blade before I saw this video but seeing your review makes me happy I got a decent boat for my first. BTW in Massachusetts it was 179 on sale. My GF got the Swifty so this should be an interesting trip soon. Being 5ft9 i wont have that cockpit issue you had. But according to my GF she said the perception has foams in the nose and tail. Either way thanks for the video was very informative.

  11. Thank you. I’m new to this sport. I’m on a small lake and 8 am when it’s still and no one is out allows me to do some thinking. I’m off this weekend to make a purchase and enjoy another few weeks on the lake.

  12. Would help if you showed the bottom of the Kayaks as well to see the hull design.

  13. What are your thoughts of the sun dolphin journey 12 ss?

  14. thanks for helping me pick out a starter 🙂

  15. I enjoyed your video, you are a very good communicator and definitely encouraged me to get out on the water.

  16. Great video! I've been researching kayaks all day and this video was super helpful in helping me make my choice. I'm only going to spring runs and flat water in Florida and I think that last pelican or the dark blue sit on top would be great.

  17. at 7:30 in the video, you say "if you are looking for a more open water, class one rapid boat, look elsewhere." Any suggestions? I bought a cabin in Lake Tahoe and have had the HARDEST time trying to decide a beginner boat in that $5-$600 range. I'd prefer a sit-on-top kayak

  18. Could you modify the Blade by cutting out that deck area to make the cockpit are bigger?

  19. Thanks so much. I went kayaking on Wolf Bay outside Mobile, AL. I loved it. I’ve been trying to learn about the boat itself. Your video gave me just the beginner’s info I need. I’ll be checking out your other videos. Thanks again! Leslie

  20. Great video! My first and only kayak is a 12' Field and Stream Eagle Talon (fishing / sit on top). I've taken it out on calm lakes and rivers, and even a few miles offshore to do some rock cod fishing in Half Moon Bay a few times. I came to this video because my wife and her mother are interested in purchasing a cheap kayak just to float around in – calm water only. Glad to see that your shop is only 20 minutes from me, too! I'll definitely stop in next time I'm wine tasting in Lodi!


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