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X Games Oslo 2016 Men's Skateboard Street Final

X Games Oslo 2016 Men's Skateboard Street Final

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  1. chris coless commentary is so much better than Garys.

  2. Of course Shane's and Luan's runs were much more versatile and deserved better scoring but the fucking Nyjah was given higher scores as usual and he won – I am so sick of this guy winning so often although other skaters deserve more but don't receive it :X

  3. Street skating is modern day freestyle skateboarding.

  4. What is the cash prize for the winner of xgames usually ?

  5. Props to Shane & Luan..!

  6. Garrett Hill…nice

  7. JohnnyK TheGOLDLEGEND

    The one commentator is bad because he makes it sound so boring

  8. That monotone host / judge is such a fucking savage lmfao "Not the best looking but they know what they're doing"

  9. Whats the chick hosts name??? Cutie alert 😍

  10. I duno about you but Nyjah Houston does not resemble a bear to me at all. Why do they keep calling him the bear? lol

  11. that announcer is annoying its like there's a separate event going on

  12. The underscore on luan is reaaal

  13. Not quite video game skateboarding because he didn’t Christ Flip on the Quarter pipe or Nollie 3 Hardflip to 20 metre Noseblunt.

  14. Shout out to SLS 2015 where the judges over scored Nyjah and under scored everyone else, proving how rigged the event is in his favor. Better fan of X Games because it is way less biased at a judging standpoint.

  15. Luan is KING



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