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Differences Among Normal, Fakie, Switch, and Nollie Skateboarding Stances Explained

If you’re new to skateboarding and you’ve heard the terms nollie, fakie, and switch thrown around and want to know what they mean (whether you skate goofy or regular stance), this video will give you the full details on what these stance modifiers are and how they’re used to describe tricks.

If you want to school your friends with more skateboarding knowledge, check out my video comparing Frontside and Backside for every possible situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAaB-rYF9S8

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  1. I am not new to skating… been doing it on and off for years… but really getting into it lately, yet I ALWAYS get these confused. This cleared it up so so so much. THANKS!

  2. simplified version

    normal: perfered stance on tail
    switch: opposite stance on tail
    nollie: perfered stance on nose
    fakie: opposite stance on nose

  3. This is a really good video thanks!

  4. thanks this helped a lot. I literally started like 3 days ago and im trying to learn all these terms but there's so many things lol. Ik I just started tho so it'll take a while before I can do anything crazy.

  5. I’ve been skating for years and this still confuses the shit out of me – I’m beginning to think may be its my dyslexia, any one else find this ?

  6. Thank you very much. Excellent video!

  7. Do people generally say “fakie ollie” or “switched nollie”?

  8. So is a fakie ollie basically a nollie but in switch?

  9. Agghhh this hurts my brain 🤯

  10. Ok, been trying these now and reading the comments. Justin, for your depiction of fakie stance, correct me if I'm wrong, but are you kinda pushing mongo? Because, uh, wouldn't it be easier just to explain fakie as a switch nollie stance – as in, switch, but toward the front of the board, such that it would be the mirror image of nollie, like normal and switch will be mirror images of each other? I think the notion of symmetry / counterparts would help.

  11. Holy shit it's house park

  12. Hi Justin! Thank you. That was very informative. I am a new skateboarder with a background in inline skating. I took up skateboarding to cross-train.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that what you mean as a front foot, would be what we inline skaters would call a support leg – the one carrying most or all of our body weight – as opposed to the back foot, which we inline skaters would call the action leg – the one doing the pushing. Am I right?

    If this is the case, then my background as an inline skater will help me learn basic skateboarding stances fairly quickly. = )

  13. Fakie, switch, nollie, regular(/goofy): the exhaustive set of stances that are possible, by varying your tail feet and direction of motion of board , which are basically independent of each other.

  14. normal ollie
    fakie ollie is ALSO switch nollie
    fakie nollie is AlSO switch ollie.

  15. Thank for making the goofy side as well. I skate goofy. I probably could’ve understood it either way but this definitely helps.

  16. Damn I’m gonna need to get some flash cards and test myself or something before I go out looking like an idiot

  17. Love the split screen Ive also been skating off and off but now im skating as much as i can i didnt really think about fakie and switch but now i know the difference thanks!

  18. Just put –
    Fakie = Rolling backwards
    Switch = Opposite of your regular stance
    Nollie = Riding normally but standing on your nose
    Normal = Natural stance

  19. I am goofy.. So if i ride regular its called fakie stance?

  20. Dave Culture & games

    If You can ollie, you know how to switch nollie.


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