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#20 How does RYA YachtMaster work? | Sailing Sisu Catamaran in Cape Town South Africa

The Royal Yacht Association (RYA) website is a bit confusing to try and wade through what is needed and what is not needed or required for sailing offshore. This week we share we figured this out, what exact courses are required, what it costs, and what you get for it. We started with Ocean Sailing Academy in Langebaan, South Africa, who directed us after payment to the online exams at Nav at Home. We also show you where to find the RYA courses required for day sjipper offshore sailing skipper.

We are preparing our Leopard 45 Catamaran cruising yacht to sail around the world. We want to visit off the beaten tack places and need to prepare for ice bergs, storms, heavy seas, as well as nice tranquil tropical waters…

Follow us on our journey as we learn from legends when Sailing La Vagabonde upgraded from a monohull to a catamaran…SV Delos wants to upgrade to the latest Amel 51 monohull….Gone with the Wynns chose a Leopard Catamaran….choices choices choices. We take a look at other sailing channels such as Wicked Salty, Satori, Jessica and Ryan, Catamaran Impi, MJ Sailing, Happy Together, Sailing Uma, Sailing Yacht Ruby Rose, Zingaro, Miss Lone Star, Sailing Doodles, Drenched, Lucky Fish gets Away, RAN Sailing, Out Chasing Star, Follow the Boat, Rigging Doctor, Sailing Lady Africa, Abandon Comfort, and many others to find our answers and solutions, whilst we prepare our yacht in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Ocean Sailing Langebaan: https://www.oceansailing.co.za/online-courses/

Nav at Home: https://www.navathome.com/

RYA Dayskippers: http://www.rya.org.uk/courses-training/courses/sail-cruising/Pages/day-skipper.aspx

RYA YachtMaster Offshore: http://www.rya.org.uk/courses-training/exams/Pages/yachtmaster-offshore.aspx
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  1. I made a chart error in determining the new heading after current is accounted for….what is the mistake?

  2. i am thinking about doing my yachtmaster work the exams are they malty chorus and do you just tic one off the answers or is it a writern exams thanks

  3. Júlio César A. C. de Souza

    Duuuude, thank you very much for clarifying my doubts, I'm willing to take the yachtmaster coastal and really had no idea where to start with so many info 😉

  4. SAS or RYA qualifications?

  5. Think you messed up for little plot at 17:11. Your COG should go from the rock to the island… because you will sail from the rock. The current/ drift – put it on your destination – the island – the the start of the current above the island, and the end of the line on the island. Then draw your CTS from the begining of the COG (the rock) to the start of the current/tide drift line. Basically, you the the current/tide drift on the wrong place.

  6. Lithium battery chagrijn with an alternator Journey with jono

  7. Helpful video, thx!

  8. WTG Erik ,You'll get very comfortable with the chart plotter very quickly . and they do not make the same mistakes that students make in the classroom .and you learn how to do it on a paper chart if all the electronics would go down . hang in there and keep the videos coming.

  9. Very good video, learned a lot. 👍

  10. Find a way through the ice wall…..hugs and kisses…xoxox

  11. Hi Frik, Dankie vir n goeie episode soos altyd. Die online kurses wat jy nou doen, moet jy enige ander eksamens skryf of is dit wat jy nou doen voldoende vir jou kwalifikasie? Tweede vraag, jy het laas gepraat dat jy jou kurses by Ocean Sailing Academy gaan doen. Aanvaar hulle die uitslae van die online kurses m.a.w. hoef jy dan net die praktiese gedeelte te doen? Laaste vraag, verstaan ek dit reg dat jy n RYA Coastal Skippers kurses kan doen as jy 300 myle het en 8 nag ure? Groete


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