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Small Wave Surfing Secrets

This is the next video in our Small Wave Surfing Series! We cover all the hints and tips you will need to make the most of small wave surfing!

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If you haven’t seen our first one, check it out here!

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  2. Alexandre Verdan

    Great tips! Thank you guys

  3. Oh man thank you so much! I was really struggling the other day with some small waves. I was able to cruise a bit, but now I know what to do next time!

  4. Awesome vid !!

  5. I ALWAYs did what one was supposedly NOT TO DO. Thats how I learned best.

  6. i grew up surfing Florida as well. Different level of small-wave surfing!

  7. Lucia Seacreature

    when you said "skipping" you meant do this in wave ?

  8. What are you guys riding in this video?

  9. Great videos! Very helpful! Thank you!

  10. I do not know how to 🏄‍♂️

  11. Learn to balance with your breath before on a board. Surf closest to the shore first, and make the most of that, before you explore some more

  12. I've been checking out a few of their vids and spot on so far. I'm intermediate-ish to KOOK depending on the day LOL. Getting used to small wave surfing here in Brunei and this vid nails it all 👍.
    I'm constantly going back and watching "how to" stuff to try and stop bad habits occurring.
    Cheers guys 👍🌊🏄

  13. what do you mean with surf in the pocket? thanks!

  14. Nice tips! It's also a good idea to get yourself a groveller style board, something super short a bit wider than usual.

  15. These guys need to lose some weight or surf bigger boards

  16. Skimboarders build tons of speedy by hopping the nose. It doesn't work on highly rockered boards.

  17. Two things with this video, the waves really aren't that small, and the section about patience, I saw two sections worth doing a top turn or little air off of. Think if you come and surf Florida, you will see really good small wind swell surfing versus waist to shoulder high groundswell surfing.

  18. Scotty Knows Surf

    Those boards look really good…can't do any of the above without the right equipment

  19. Thanks, helpful vid for fine tuning my small beachy surfing


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