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TENNIS SERVE | How To Hit A Kick Serve Easily

Kick Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your kick serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you? https://goo.gl/SmvRZL

In today video i would like to go over Kick serve. I see so many times, player struggling to find their rhythm on kick serve, therefore i decided to put this video in order that you as well can hit your kick serve easily.

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About Jeff Salzenstein
Jeff Salzenstein is recognized as one of the top coaches in the world helping players all over the world with his on court expertise and powerful online tennis lessons. He has created several successful online programs that have positively impacted thousands of players of all levels from beginners to top touring pros using his cutting edge teaching methods…

Jeff was a top 100 ATP professional in singles and doubles and was the oldest American to ever break the top 100 in the world after the age of 30. During his 11 year pro career filled with injuries and setbacks, Jeff was determined to discover simple methods to make tennis learning easy and fun for himself and for all players committed to improving. Jeff is passionate about peak performance in the areas of nutrition, fitness, injury prevention, and mindset, and much more.

Jeff was also a 2 time All-American, national champion and team captain at Stanford University where he received his BA in Economics.

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  1. Tennis Evolution - Online Tennis Lessons

    Kick Serve myths debunked: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common myths that could be crippling your kick serve potential. Most players make at least 1 of these 3 mistakes… Do you? https://goo.gl/SmvRZL

  2. Took you 5 minutes to teach me what 3 hours with my tennis trainer did. Class 👌

  3. TennisTroll Channel

    Jeff your serve videos are excellent. Do you have a suggestion on how to serve when wearing a cape?

  4. I really need help. Why does my kick have no pace or power? It can’t seem to go over the net.

  5. Hey Jeff, great vids :D. just wanted to know you said to use the continental grip for kick serves as it is easier, does that mean after you hit there serve you have to change the grip mid rally to common grips like the semi western for backhands/forehands. Furthermore, do normal flat serves require continental grip to or can you hold your normal conventional grips like semi western for flat serves so you dont have to change grips mid rally. Thankyou 🙂

  6. Michael Robinson

    Great instructional video but it doesn't say when is the best time to use the kick serve. My serving doesn't get above 70mph but it is fairly accurate. I was hoping I could use it as an alternative 1st serve and force opponents further off the court.

  7. Dude is kick the ball over the fence with a half effort serve wow

  8. How do I hit a 125 mph kick serve

  9. Thank for being a lefty, i was looking for a left coach. Also i have shoulder and wrist pain, how should i still kickserve without hurting it

  10. Any suggestions for older players ?

  11. Best instruction I have seen by far. Just curious Jeff, when you toss for your kick serve, I understand that it is behind your head. But do you toss inside the court?

  12. can someone summarize it pls

  13. Reason I say that is I made no. 6 at Sac State with just a year in the game. All I had was a basketball /tennis coach and Rod Lavers Education of a Tennis Player to go on! Kids too cool to study your videos are missing a complete path to understanding the techniques and psychology of tennis from beginner to pro. You are doing the world tennis community a tremendous service! I study your videos closely and take the instruction to the practice court try it out constantly. You're without doubt the best tennis coach I've ever had!! No BS!!

  14. Wish I had you when I played college with my athletic ability could have been pro no doubt! Jeff your fng amazing!!

  15. That was a great kick at around 5:20!

  16. Thank you Jeff, I've dramatically improved my kick serve … great job

  17. Владислав Островский

    Hello,Jeff!I am working on my serve mostly using your advice which I have got from your videos.I have watched your videos for many times.My serve has been improving but at the certain moment it has stoped getting better.Could I send you my video and get online consultation from you?Wether it is possible I would like to learn details about conditions.

  18. I have watched many a pro and countless lessons, tips, etc. both online and elsewhere, and this is one of the best kick serve lessons out there. There's a reason why Jeff was an ATP pro for so many years.

  19. Very well explained. Thank you.

  20. DrAmaregouda Patil

    Great video on kick serve. Nothing can be more better than this. I have seen this video at least 10 times and trying to learn each point of the instructions.
    Thank you Jeff for such a wonderful video 👍


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