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It has been raining all week here in NJ and instead of going to film another video at my skatepark I figured that we would do something different! We took out all of the Bikes in my bike shop and decided to play a flat ground game of trick 4 trick (game of bike just no BIKE) and the whole crew was here ready to have an awesome night! Big Boy crashed, Cory tried to rob me, Shimak commissioned, Dom T bogged, and Ronnie Surridge had us laughing the whole night! The dude has serious dance moves! Such an awesome night riding and that’s what BMX and this channel is all about! Follow me @SCOTTYCRANMER and remember to SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Y’all just lucky trey jones wasn’t there

  2. i miss watching these videos when it got rainy outside and i couldnt ride

  3. Yo i will do no handrs all the way around the shop

  4. When Scotty was born the Doctor only said one word "Dialled"

  5. Cory said does not count to Scotty Cory could not do it

  6. Need front and rear brakes and do some real flat land tricks…by the book

  7. Corey messing with Scotty made me laugh so hard during the video

  8. I really miss seeing scotty ride at this standard 😭😭

  9. Rain .. can be… disgusting? Oo Since when?

  10. Can someone tell me where in NJ this shop is I wanna go shopping there for my first BMX bike

  11. Rain is awsome

  12. Did anyone come to see Scotty walking

  13. Who else is from the future after his major accident ? 😂✌🏼

  14. You seem so different here it’s crazy

  15. I broke my shin when I was 2 here's a pic of it and I'm 10 know

  16. Remember seeing this when it came out. Just shows you never know what can happen in the near future 🙁

  17. Did ronnie learn the nollie 360 from scotty?

  18. Stevie Churchil wouldn't be proud

  19. What’s your bike shop called


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