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HAWAII Paddle Boarding Kauai | Hawaii Vacation Tips

This weeks adventure takes us stand up paddle boarding on the Wailua River. Big Christmas SURPRISE at the end of the video!! Merch announcement! Thank you to Kauai SUP for going along with the surprise and thank you to Kauai Surf Co for sending us the dry bag!

Follow us weekly as we explore the island that we call home…Kauai! Taking you on adventures, providing travel tips, sharing island facts/history, and showing you how to travel like a local!

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  1. Great Vids. Thank you for that. We will be in Kauai the first 2 weeks in October and will be packing in lots of activities. A couple questions regarding kayak/paddle board rental on Wailua for hike to Secret Falls. 1) If you rent and do a self guided hike to Secret Falls, is it really ok to just park your rented kayaks/boards along the path where you start your hike?? Any chance of getting stolen?? 2) A couple of us are interested in Golfing and after doing some research found a municipal course (Wailua Golf Course). Are these rates really under $80??!! If so, do you know any other details on it and/or are there others within the same price range that are not listed on the web (maybe some 'insider info' if you have any)??
    Thank you again for the great vids. Keep up the great work.

  2. Loved this one! The Surprise at the end of the video made me smile and laugh. I shared in the happy moment, thank you for that! The music was good and even on a cloudy day, you show how to still go have your adventure. I want to know more detail about how to pack dry bag for a day like that. I imagine it is filled with more water sealed pouches within water sealed pouches. Also, am curious about the natural hazards of the river. Bugs, snakes, things that will sting, bite, scratch, or cause skin irritation/ pain in some form. What to watch out for.

  3. Thank you for sharing the beauty if you go 'off the path'. The rental guy told us if we go off the path we will be lost forever! It was beautiful to the left of the river, and someday we will the chance and go beyond the path to secret falls. Heck, if we are going to be lost forever, it may as well be in Kauai!

  4. Awwwwwwww!!!!!

  5. love it!! great video and I agree, coming back is the hardest part!

  6. Glad I found your site and subscribed. Love the updates from the best location on God's green earth. Can't wait to visit in late March for our second trip. Here is a suggestion. How about an episode for rating the different local shops for shaved ice? For some reason, the shaved ice there on the island is like no other. Just a suggestion. -Mahalo

  7. You guys always do the fun stuff on Kauai! Good tip about the ring – ya don’t wanna lose a finger. Very cool Christmas gift – what a surprise! Beautiful video as always! Happy New Year!

  8. Another fantastic video! Mahalo for featuring our backpack!

  9. Hey guys! Mahalo for the shout out! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you both… and Semper Fi brother! Aloha

  10. We have kayaked the river. Also we renewed our wedding vows in the fern Grotto before they closed it. Great videos looking forward to more in 2019! Happy New Year.

  11. U guys are gems I love u 😘😘


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