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on video spring 2002

tour hubba skate

FAAH enterprises

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  1. Marcou minha adolescência uns 15 anos atrás

  2. what a load of crap. marc said pl would b flying in from ukraine. how the hell could that b pissible whwn they are at each zpot for an hour ans ukrainw ia houra away. thats soo untrue

  3. I finally found it! Thanks for the upload!

  4. Awesome, good old memories. What's the song at 30:32, real sick beat. Apparently is from Passage And the Bomarr Monk but I cant find the song.

  5. These were so well done. Back when skateboarding had culture, before the corporate takeover.

  6. First Video I ever won in a contest. Back during VHS days. The Memories. <3

  7. Gosh…Caswell's intro is really insane!! And filmed in 2002! 👍👍🙌

  8. ya man awesome upload brings back so many memories.. I think I was 12 when this came out

  9. thanks for uploading this


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