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Things you NEED to know about a club fitting

This video is for anyone wanting to learn more about club fittings!
Having a GOOD club fitting is way more important than having A club fitting. I would strongly suggest to go somewhere that specializes and or does a lot of fittings.
Golf MD:
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  1. What's funny is I hit the ball so bad throughout the fitting then right after it, I started swinging it well.
    After the fitting today, I recorded myself doing the TrackMan Combine. Is that something ya'll are interested in seeing?
    Also, I know there wasn't much editing in this video, the main reason for that is because this was for educational purposes only!
    Hope ya'll enjoyed!

  2. You didn't bring your own clubs??? You should of stopped the video right there ya jackass!

  3. So how much additional cash are you spending having everything fitted?

  4. Step 1 in a fitting, hit balls off grass so you can see how the ball travels when you pick it, or, when you hit down on it!

    Never, ever, allow a poorly tuned screen to tell you how you hit it off a uniform tee, on astro-turf! Lol

    Be better bud! 😉

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  9. What was the cost of your fitting. I am looking into a club fitting but i dont know what a good cost is

  10. About how much did all this cost tho?

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  15. N2Deep One nation

    How much is it to get fitted?

  16. 9:53 thats what she said

  17. Is it just me or is the best noise when you hit a brand new golf club

  18. Indian food and your videos have come a long way 😂

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