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A Day Working in a Golf Shop

A Day Working in a Golf Shop

***Become our fan on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/moleandmeares Mole & Meares both used to work in a golf shop. These are real questions that either one or both of us have gotten on numerous occasions. Golf might be a gentleman’s game but it has its share of stupid people too!
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  1. I stopped watching as SOON as I heard the Lord's PRECIOUS, Holy name used in vain.


    I think i have been asked all of these questions whilst working in a pro shop #hahaha @ladsgolf

  3. I have actually gotten questions like these from the door knobs that come out to play

  4. This is so spot on.

  5. looks like 20 people bring their own rakes to the course.

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  7. 17 stupid fucks dislike this.

  8. So….. Is it going to rain?

  9. Good vid💯💯💯

  10. True Incident…
    Customer: "Could I get a large cup of ice?"
    Me: "Yes sir,….that'll be 50 cents…"
    Customer: "You CHARGE FOR THAT?"
    Me: "Yes sir…it's posted right here on the sign behind me…"
    Customer: "THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!"
    Me: "I'm sorry sir…it's our policy."
    Customer: "I'm not telling you how to run your business, but (your competition) has NEVER charged me for a cup of ice…"
    Me: "Do they MAKE MONEY doing that?"
    Customer: "Probably not, but it makes for GREAT customer service…"
    Me, Joking…"We charge so that people won't be mixing tomato juice and vodka our in their cars…!"
    Customer: "I'm not doing that, I want that for my Gatorade!"
    Me: "Can I sell you a Gatorade?"
    Customer: "No, I brought my own…."

  11. This couldn't be more accurate.

  12. Nice video.  The Golf Channel really needs to do a piece addressing "membership etiquette."  Also, the "ball beater" problem MUST be addressed.  Too many men and women waste hours of their day to this task.  It is an addiction.  It is a sickness.  By supporting the argument with some statistics, The Golf Channel is a great media outlet to inform golfers that they will shoot the same scores without all the range play.  Shooting 85 year after year in the club championship, despite all the "practice," is time wasted.  Use the extra time during the week to take your spouse out on a date or get together with friends.  

    "Why are you so disappointed, sport?  YOU'RE NOT THAT GOOD!" 
              – a wise golfer speaking to a golfer who thinks he is a Tour Pro

  13. I work for a golf course reservation center, so it's basically this multiplied by a thousand. Every. Single. Day.

    The best is a certain course whose phone number apparently got mixed up with Comcast: "Sir/ma'am, this is a golf course." "So you can't help with me with my cable/internet/bill?" hangs oneself

  14. This is exactly on a "daily" basis what customers sound like calling in.

  15. Not So Superlative

    Right after my shop watched this. Some guy asked is we take debit. While staring at our debit machine…

  16. You ALL have NO idea! As a golf director of Myrtle Beach this is EXACTLY what we deal with on a daily (hourly really) basis! If only we could use the responses this character uses! That would be F#@*ing Great! Love this and Hate it in the same breath.

  17. but they all HAVE assholes hehehe…

  18. Not only am I expected to know the weather, but control it too. "Can you turn the wind/rain off?" And OMG whenever there's lightning, "Get your one irons!" People think they're the first person to come up with those jokes.


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