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Dancing Line – The Basketball [OFFICIAL]

Dancing Line - The Basketball [OFFICIAL]

Dancing Line – The Basketball [OFFICIAL] | 100% Complete, all gems and crowns by Tuan Nguyen.
Hello everyone, finally Dancing Line updates new sport level – The Basketball. This is the 2nd level with sport theme. Music in this level is good so far. However, in the end of the soundtrack, I still think that it lacks of some special effect to have a good ending. Feeling…music ends suddenly. About the design in this level, I feel, this level is a mix between The Earth color remix and The Alone. Dream of Sky designer already impressed me a lot with his stunning design.
There is a thing about this level. I already gave suggestions to Dream of Sky designer for The Basketball. Each suggestion, I considered a lot carefully before sending them to him. His design skills are totally great. I don’t want ruin his level. I am a player, so I can understand part of what you want to see in the future levels. So…hope you would support to designer (and me) and the whole Dancing Line team this time, next time, next of the next time and etc….
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  1. I am the designer of this level, thank you very much Tuan Nguyen
    Valuable advice for this level design.

  2. 0:59 is my favorite part

  3. Arthur de Quiroz Amodia

    Looks like the gem is running away like from rolling sky 2

  4. 😍😢🐱👻⛪🔠

  5. That is hard!

  6. Есть кто русский?

  7. Xuất bản 20 thg 2, 2019

  8. Galaxywolfychan _alexa

    I died when I was passing the basket ball hoop it flashed and made me scared

  9. You should do a music swap between DL The Basketball and RS Street Basketball.

  10. Logic winh basketball omg my god

  11. I just noticed that the ground is reflective

  12. Better than
    "The Football"

  13. Is this level sponsored by the NBA

  14. it reminds me Miles's Spidersuit

  15. A really cool level

  16. Bạn chơi roling sky màn sunny bạn chơi ở
    Đâu vậy


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