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Jason Polakow Defines Windsurfing Perfection

Jason Polakow Defines Windsurfing Perfection

Jason Polakow’s search for the perfect wave for windsurfing has just begun.

This time, he travels to Indonesia for a windsurf adventure like no other.
Jason’s true passion has always been chasing down some of the biggest waves and best surf conditions and he is the only wave-sailor to break away from full-time competition to challenge nature in its most extreme form. In February 2016 he became the first windsurfer to tackle the giant waves at Praia do Norte, near Nazaré, Portugal, saying: “This isn’t Maui, You don’t come out here for 20 fun waves. You come out and you feel good if you get one or two unbelievable rides.”

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20 comentarios

  1. Giovanni Tedeschini

    Those beautiful waves are really scary. Amazing performance of Jason, a pleasure to see.

  2. fernando g. aguirre

    Still the best windsurfer ever! Aloha Jason your old neighbor from the Kuau! Cheers from Maui!

  3. Dirty-lickings. Those surfers must have been bummed on you..imagine being out surfing and having this guy wipeout in front of you with that yard sale of equipment🔪

  4. He's alright, could go a bit faster down the line!

  5. Get more out of those waves on a surf board any day ! All the same, Good to watch a accomplished dood wind surfing, wish I was there !

  6. This is unbelievable how this guy rips these waves on a windsurfer,much harder then surfing..

  7. Living legend and at 47 a better athlete than nearly any 20-30 year old alive.

  8. here in the mid of germany… the conditions matter! ^^ … iam not going today

  9. Maximilliam Smith


  10. Jiany Star Massa vich

    Amazing. I lived in miami for 25 years and rarely had wind !

  11. Antonio Roccabianca

    Super beautiful. Great champ 👏👏

  12. Peter La Fontaine

    Not fair but he is so good

  13. thanks for sharing the backstage with multiple fails and gear destroyed ! it shows us how difficult that is to get these waves .

  14. all respect to this guy surfing these down the line waves with a sail, great airs!

  15. What!! Even the pros crash? It is nice to see the all-time greats portrayed as having some fear and showing some crashes….Quiver busters. I like a little reality Red Bull.

  16. Can you imagine this is just
    a glimpse at what God has awaiting for eternity in His Glory 🙂

  17. Wow, fantastic. I'm too old to ever aspire to windsurfing in those waves, but I sure did enjoy watching him tear it up. Thanks.

  18. I am getting on water. Mh equipment is in the house.. Waiting for new season 😉 spring time 😉

  19. Legend! Good vibes from Brazil.


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