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Sports-Reference Tables Tips and Tricks

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  1. is there a way to get stats for a player for certain seasons that aren't necessarily in a chronological block? like if I wanna get averages for Jordan over the 92,96, and 97 seasons?

  2. I'm trying to retrieve a page I serendipitously came upon. It allows you to select a payer and discover every facet of his play–W L vs. various different teams and leagues, night vs. day games, home vs. away games, etc. etc. How can I get back to that feature of Pro-football-reference?

  3. Evan turner should go to the lakers

  4. Measuring a player , as shown, doesn’t work unless you have a mouse. How can i perform the same accumulation of data using a i[ad or phone?

  5. How can i use the cumulative feature if using an ipad vs a mouse? Help?

  6. A nice, conducive vlog. Great job and keep it short and sweet, Cappy.

  7. BaseballEBM European Baseball & Softball Magazine

    Really great review of some of the notations on the stats. Thanks for helping us provide such great, in-depth, information to our readers!


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