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This video shows normal surfers tackling the worlds biggest Wavegarden designed wave pool, from many different angles. It’s interesting to see how the normal surfers get on surfing the wave. Filmed on 18th August 2015, before the drain and repair works.

There was a strong wind blowing this day also, and the 90 second waiting time between waves didn’t really give the water enough time to settle between some of the waves. Speaking to some of the staff, to get the perfect glassy conditions that surfers crave there needs to be at least 3 minutes waiting time between waves. Still looked fun though and it was better than being flat!!!

Surf Snowdonia is an artificial wave pool at Dolgarrog in the Conwy valley, north Wales, owned by Conwy Adventure Leisure Ltd. It is the world’s first commercial artificial surfing lake and the United Kingdom’s only artificial surfing lake. The site cost a total of £12 million and opened in August 2015.

Surf Snowdonia has a freshwater pool which contains a wave-generation mechanism, based on a prototype built in San Sebastián, Spain, by the Spanish company Wavegarden. It has a contoured base that can generate three different sized waves, at a rate of one a minute. The pool can generate a 2-metre (6 ft 7 in) high wave which can last 16 seconds and travel 150 metres (490 ft). The company claims this is the longest man-made surf wave in the world. The pool is filled with rainwater collected from Snowdonia reservoirs including Llyn Cowlyd. This water passes through the adjacent hydro-power station, originally built to power the former aluminium plant, before being pumped from the tail-race into the surfing pool.

The pool is 300 metres (980 ft) long and 110 metres (360 ft) wide, containing a total of six million gallons of water. A bi-directional snowplough-shaped wave-generation mechanism, towed on a cable between the two central towers, moves up and down the pool on a three-rail track, generating the waves. The underwater machinery, powered by a 2MW motor, is covered with a protective stainless steel netted screen, to keep surfers from any moving parts, yet without impairing the energy of the waves. The water in the pool is cleaned and cycled every 24 hours by passing through ultraviolet cleaners, so that the water can be chlorine-free.

The wave pool can be used by as many as 52 surfers at one time.

On 18-19 September 2015 Surf Snowdonia will host Red Bull Unleashed, the world’s first stadium surf contest, with 24 surfers from around the world.
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  1. Looks like it was constructed just for ME, a 75 year old lady still having fun!


    I want it in Málaga pleeeeeaaassseeeeee …!!!!

  3. ElProductonumerouno

    Weak ya freaks

  4. Here’s the wave that was launched a few months ago at the Atlantis in Dubai. It’s a lot of fun!

  5. Good place to learn how to stand I suppose… mushy and sticky…gummy and gooey….RAD?!

  6. Kelly's can get up to 9' faces, much larger than this pool.

  7. Wouldn't waste my money on this .looks rubbish

  8. Wow slaters pool makes this look like crap but if it's all you got I guess

  9. MUSHY HIGHTIDE FRUSTRATION…. AND IT WAS DESIGNED.?… perhaps its set like this for teaching?

  10. Great idea, like not being stalked by a white or bully daily. Good controlled environment to learn surfing skills before hitting the ocean.
    Needs a few tweaks on the bank shape but it creates waves, AWM is another fun peaky wave to check out.

  11. Okay. Kelly Slater's Wavepool is awesome. It's in the middle of nowhere's ville. At least this one is near places.

  12. QUESTION???Do they also put artificial sharks in?Question?If you put distilled water in,would you have a cleaner wave??Also,"robot",lifeguards too, and of course;chicks with "BOOB",jobs!Pay with of course,plastic cards.Thanks,from Artie Fishel.

  13. mister comfertable

    3:34 haha what a kook

  14. This doesn't sell it very well! I think only one guy did a turn. Not sure who gives out those coloured T shirts, it gives the impression no one in the UK can surf!

  15. Lot's of negative comments by tossers below who collectively won't achieve anything like this in your miserable lives. I'm looking out the window at the mechanical beauty of Rainbow – Snapper Rocks as I write and I'm positively impressed at the ingenuity of this wave park.

  16. Im going there in 5 days

  17. I wonder if anyone has yet surfed into one of those metal struts?

  18. We have drought all over the world and this is what humans do

  19. The first version built in Spain seems to have better form than this. This is a strange looking wave.

  20. Thanks excellent vid


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