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Top 5 best goalkeeper gloves 2019. In today’s video, JayMike channels his inner goalkeeper to give you guys the Top 5 best goalkeeper gloves in 2019 from the big brands such as Ulhsport, Reusch, Nike, adidas, PUMA and Sells. Of course you get many great goalkeeper gloves in 2019 from small specialist brands, but if you want something tried and tested, all the goalkeeper gloves on this list are solid and very well performing. So if you’re looking for a new pair of goalkeeper gloves, the Unisport Top 5 Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2019 video is perfect for you.

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20 comentarios

  1. Which is your favorite goalkeeper glove in training and matches? *let us know*! 🔥

  2. I think I would prefer number 1, I wouldn’t really care how equipment looks, as long as it functions the way it’s supposed to, I’ll use it

  3. footballsidekick #fcbrocks

    is it possible for you to test out gripmode gloves or 1ynxgk gloves, they both look really good

  4. 05 19-20 Xenofon polydoros

    You forgot rg gloves

  5. Nike vg3

  6. if you picked the nike promos instead of the regular ones they would be in top 3 tbh

  7. Omg I have one of these gloves! Lmao 😂 And I never knew

  8. What about the rinat premier gloves?

  9. Hello bro I am a goalkeeper I am from Pakistan I watch your video first time these gloves are soooooo goood ❤ I subscribed your channel I will try to buy these gloves but these gloves are too expensive in Pakistani rupees 😩 by the way love you plz reply me❤❤

  10. What about the one glove? One of my favourite gloves out there

  11. I use f line gloves because it has really good grip and is quite cheap

  12. mw bezwen un gant

  13. Roy Van Der Velde

    Using the elite comfert gloves, love them

  14. You need to try some of the gloves who aren’t so big but big goalkeepers use them suck 1one gk if you watched the Manchester United game vs Newcastle’s. Newcastle’s keeper had a white pair on. Then there’s the a few others I forgot the name of.

  15. Anyone know of a place to get a pair of Adidas climawarms

  16. What about the one glove slyr midnight?

  17. In Train: T1TAN Alien Green Devil
    In Matches: T1TAN Alien Pro 👽

    Really Good gloves for not so much money.

  18. Leonardo Caprasecca

    Nike Mercurial touch elite?

  19. West Coast > any of these gloves

  20. Sneaker Looks For Life



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