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All Star Tennis '99 – Nintendo 64 Review – Ultra HDMI – HD

All Star Tennis '99 - Nintendo 64 Review - Ultra HDMI - HD

All Star Tennis ’99 is a simulation tennis game for the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Game Boy Color released in 1999, that was developed by Smart Dog and published by Ubi Soft. The featured player on the USA and Europe versions is Michael Chang while in the French version the featured player is Yannick Noah who, has his name above the title as Yannick Noah All Star Tennis ’99.[1] It was one of the first tennis games for the N64 and the only one for that system in the USA until Mario Tennis. It was preceded by Let’s Smash/Centre Court Tennis in Japan and Europe, for the Nintendo 64, while being one of many tennis games on PlayStation and Game Boy Color.

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All Star Tennis 99 review on the nintendo 64. Recorded using an Ultra HDMI modded N64 console with an Elgato game capture HD capture card using a real game cartridge. Does this retro nostalgic game fall into your top 5 or top 10 N64 games? What is your favourite ever us open or bbc wimbledon highlights?

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  1. The black hole trhought the net was so bizarre!! 🤭

  2. David Hernández Solyman

    I don't think having actual players makes a sports game more or less enjoyable to me. But my favorite sports games always feature famous well-known athletes like Mario and Bowser.

  3. everyone saying theyll stick to mario tennis can i stick with pong lol so much easier for me

  4. to me i actually prefer no real life players in sports titles. I like it when the characters are more ridiculous like mario tennis or mutant league football.

  5. games like this were probably only fun to people that were really into tennis

  6. I still have not found decent tennis game that has all the best older players like Agassi, Sampras, and also current top players like Federer. So yes, having real life players on tennis game is high point but the gameplay must also be top.

  7. Ubisft sure loved their tennis games in the 80s and 90s 🙂

  8. 'Does having real life players make any difference to you when playing sports titles?'

    'real life players'?

    oh, you mean friends.

    …I wouldn't know.

  9. This is "All-Star" tennis! Where the hell are Agassi, Sampras, Seles, Kournikova? Nice review, Glenn64. Keep up the British Commentary.

  10. Dunno what's worse, the sea sickness inducing camera at times or the sound of a female player straining for a shit when diving for a shot lol

  11. N64 can easily run far better than this game.

  12. I had this game, I thought it was ace. Though looking back now it was clearly very shit

  13. MultiplayerMario64

    Just wanted to say: this channel is awesome!

  14. 0:44 fairly safe to say this game is bad.

  15. Glenn, I have an ultra hdmi modded console. Any chance you can do a video explaining what settings you use? Mine never looks as good as yours.

  16. Why is that guys head flat!?!

  17. Jorge Daniel Aguiar

    I played this game back in the day, I think I rented this one a few times. I did enjoy it, more or less, only if by the lack of other tennis games in the N64. Mario Tennis is better, yes, but having a more "realistic" look all star tennis had it's charm. It would have better having more real players, also the portrait of the fictional players look so awkward, next to a digital photo

  18. I remember when I was a kid I really hated this game because it's feature Michael Chan instead the Chilean hero Marcelo Rios xD

  19. lots of sports games lately ay?

  20. I do not look forward to your last review 🙁 do a 2nd series on box cover art, music, something, anything!


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