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Cruisers Yachts 54 Flybridge – One Wake

Cruisers Yachts traces its lineage all the way back to the Thompson Bros. Boat Manufacturing Company in 1904, but this 54 Flybridge is as modern as it gets. Featuring twin Volvo Penta 725 HP Turbo and Supercharged Diesel Engines with IPS Joystick Drive, the 54 Flybridge shrinks around the driver and performs like a boat of a much smaller size. It also features one of the coolest innovations in yachting, the SeaKeeper, which is a 1.200 LB gyroscope used to counter the motion of the waves; it is especially helpful while using the IPS System’s “Hover” mode.

Learn more about this and other yachts from Big Boat Ben!
Ben Masonheimer – bigboatben@gmail.com
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Cruisers 54 Flybridge Specs:

L.O.A. 53′ 7″ / 16.33 m
Beam 15′ 6″ / 4.7 m
Bridge Clearance (Top of Mast Light) 22′ 4″ / 6.8 m
Draft 49 1/2″ / 1.26 m
Fuel Capacity 500 g / 1892 l
Waste Capacity 72 g / 272 l
Water Capacity 150 g / 568 l
Weight, Dry 45,900 lbs / 20,819 kg

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  1. Matt, would love to see some more of these

  2. 54 is big boat maybe 40 feet or less

  3. Omg the handling noise is driving me insane from the cabin tour. Stop jostling the damn camera lol

  4. Is that a boat? No.
    Is that a home, OH HELL YEAH!!!

  5. If the stabilizer costs 6% of the MSRP of the yacht or $130,000,
    then the yacht costs around $2,166,666.66?? Lol.

  6. Ok, let's try and do the math. 130,000 is 6% off the total cost of the yacht. The price of it is?
    I say about 700k?

  7. Not a mariner that's for sure.

  8. I can dream!!

  9. I do most of my docking off the water

  10. Volvo penta ips only come in in line 6 he said v8

  11. 8:33 trys to hide is juul

  12. That's not a oven down below it's a wine chiller.

  13. Matt, thanks for this. I live in Wisconsin, I've been to the plant where these are built and have a cottage on the other side of Green Bay where these are built. Every year we spend an afternoon in sturgeon Bay looking over new boat offering.

  14. You walk around his too fast wobbly slow your roll

  15. Left me hangin forever lol

  16. Nothing must be better than porking models on this bad boy

  17. Man, flybridges are the coolest. You could live on one, take a vacation in one, go fishing… the possibilities are endless. I’d live in one if I had the cash.

  18. Canoe review when?

  19. Big boat ben ♥️ juul


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