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Rigging & Tuning a Sail


Thanks for watching our coaching video we hope that it has helped you with your windsurfing.

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  1. The markings on my boom are faded out, where do you measure the boom from, end to end? Or from where the centre of the mast would be to the other end?

  2. good one .

  3. I have an old sail without battens. Can I just use any old fiberglass with the right dimensions?

  4. By far, the best rigging instructional video I have seen. Thank you, from a novice 64 year old

  5. What do you mean by saying that the battens above and below the boom should me touching the mast?

  6. Konstantinos Mavros

    Very good video.Thank for your help!

  7. my battens touch my mast but i cant really rotate them they are between 1/3 1/2 of the mast but i just got a little room for more downhaul and the setting of the extension is good any tips (if i put tension on the sail and with the the other hand i try to rotate its going over the mast with no problem)

  8. These settings apply for severne turbo 8.1??

  9. There is no question that the GetWindsurfing videos are the best!!
    But I could use more help in understanding this:

    At 8:00: “Leach comes at least a third of the way in”

    I have no idea what it means and how I am supposed to see this.

  10. Excellent video, very clear

  11. Thanks! Very useful and clear! Thanks again for sharing!

  12. Many thanks for the video, very helpfull.

  13. Great vid!

  14. Finally a video that explains how to tune a sail and the basic theory around this!
    A great help

  15. Thanks for video! It is exactly what a real beginner,who has bought the first sail,needs.


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