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Why Alaska Might Be Surfing’s Greatest Frontier | WITHIN REACH (4K EDITION) | SURFER

Josh Mulcoy’s first time to Alaska was for SURFER way back in the early ’90s, and it landed him a cover Opens a New Window. . That trip also began an obsession with the state that’s lasted two and a half decades, in which time he’s been back at least once every year. “There’s been some trips that had some fun waves, and some trips that had some really bad waves,” says Mulcoy in his new film, “Within Reach”, above. “I guess I have an addiction to places that never get good, because I keep going back. Sounds stupid, but it’s true: I’ve gotten to surf perfect waves in other places but I’ve never had that feeling like I’ve had in [Alaska], when it all comes together.”

For Mulcoy, it certainly all came together on a recent expedition, the first time he’s truly scored in Alaska since that maiden trip as a teenager. “To pull up this time and have it doing it again was just a dream,” Mulcoy continues. “Like 25 years? Are you serious? To get it again with my friends…I dunno, those were the best waves I’ve had in years. And the best moments of surfing, because of where it was and what it was.”

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  1. Personally I love not being able to feel my feet up to the knees, it really enhances my surfing experience being numb and loosing all basic motor skills. Lol. I have been so cold I cant even get the keys in the cars door.
    Getting worked in icy water? Worse somehow. imagine crawling into a wetsuit thats not quite dry here?
    The guy speaking is only 15 years old, he looks older from the cold water exposure and being chased by bears. Hats off to you guys for finding the limits and pushing them. You mad bastards.

  2. なみのりサーフィン


  3. there is a place called tofino that exists haha

  4. Killer whales in the water, grizzlies in the parking lot, what's not to like, and ice cream headaches for dessert.

  5. Hopefully they leave the Santa Cruz vibe in Santa Cruz when they come up here.

  6. Surfing is the ultimate goal for these guys but the experience of traveling to a remote destination and enjoying it with good friends is the special part. Looks like more fun than going somewhere warm and easy. Awesome story.

    The magazine that let him go made a big mistake. What he does is more interesting than the traditional.

  7. Thats dam cool!!!!

  8. THANKS! Just 1 big thanks!

  9. Nah but still sweet and COLD

  10. there are upsides to climate change…

  11. I have depression n anxiety being out in nature helps a lot I’m 30 I’ve tried to kill my self a few times but you just have to dust yourself off get up n carry on surfing is great for everything it’s just free n nature gives it to you n remember your not alone n it’s ok to not be ok all it takes is some one to listen n if this helps anybody I’m glad as I might of just saved someone

  12. Marshall Nicholson

    Incredible. Makes me want to get out to Alaska and surf. Great work. Awesome piece.

  13. No hordes of Brazzos snaking the entire lineup? See you all there, they can have indo

  14. true soul surfer

  15. Alaska or Bali? Thought..🤔

  16. i need more thumbs to put up

  17. Why the soundtrack? Totally annoying. Why not allow us to hear the natural sounds of the ocean instead of imposing your taste of "music" on everyone? Yes. YouTube mute works. Thankfully!

    How often is the surf as good as in the video?
    What is the approx. travel cost to the surf spots (i.e. airfare, hotels, car rental, food, etc.)?

  18. thanx great stuff keep sliding

  19. So I was like, ya know, like surfing, like, on like a wave and it was like breaking left, like I never saw it.

  20. Lol. Most of the west coast is deserted. You don't have to go to Alaska to find empty waves.


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