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Five Reasons that Tennis is the Weirdest Sport in the World

Tennis just isn’t a wonderful sport, it’s also a weird one.
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  1. roger federer doesnt moan tho 😉

  2. First of all, shut up.
    Second, SHUT UP!!
    Third, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  3. Unless you have played tennis, you won't realize why we grunt…

  4. I am gonna do a video called this presentator is weird. And if the players tell when they hit the ball it's because they breathing.Have you for a problem with perdons who breath? So shut up

  5. The number one reason tennis is weirdest sport is because you can win the majority of the points and still lose the match.

  6. this is a stupid ass video. Its a called sport for a reason. This would be weird if they were talking about chess, poker…..for gods sake they sometimes play for 5 hrs in their feet. you want them not to grunt?

  7. Mental Torture have you seen MlB in the dug out omg smashing bats throwing helmets

  8. Yeah tennis fucking sucks. It’s really gay when a guy moans when he hits a ball. Wtf is wrong with these weirdos who also look dumb when they hit a shot

  9. I love tenis 🎾 ❤️

  10. Why so many dislikes? I´m a tennis fan and loved this video.

  11. That’s not tennis that’s tennis players

  12. If they took points off players for screeching and loud grunting, that would soon shut them up! What good it does them I wouldn't know, and nor did players do it until about 20 years ago when Monica 'the grunt' Seles started the whole thing.

  13. Yes, wrestling is much more emotional than tennis. But to be honest, tennis is barely a sport if you compare it to wrestling.

  14. You've never played tennis, I believe, so there you think you know it all when you don't have the motivation the rest of us do

  15. I play tennis and other sports, and these are normal for me, I don't get what's weird……….this video is just weird to watch for people who don't play/watch tennis (well, the only thing kinda weird was the Asian women grunting, but tennis is an amazing sport!).

  16. I don't know why they call it grunting. It is screaming and it is ruining the sport!!

  17. I mean there is a sound reason as to why they make the noises as they hit. If you don't really know what it is then just change your channel's name.

  18. The only weird thing about tennis is this video.

  19. OMG your stupid reasons are all opinions. The only fact would be pyscological mental breakdowns


    This is one of the most stupidest video of all time


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