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How to Sea Kayak : Sea Kayaking Supplies

Here are some of the basic elements you need for sea kayaking in this free sea kayaking video clip.

Expert: Jean Totz
Bio: President of Sweetwater Kayaks, Jean is also the Director of the Florida Gulf Coast International Sea Kayak Symposium at Sweetwater Kayaks.
Filmmaker: Bob Hunt
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  1. In any expedition, be it sea or land – I ALWAYS take a means of lighting a fire, and I keep in on my person. It doesn't matter how long you plan on being gone, you need to be prepared for the UNPLANNED.

    I learned this a few years back while mountain biking. It was supposed to be a short ride, and I got lost. I only had a sweatshirt and shorts on – it got down to 34 degrees F that night and I had mild hypothermia. I got lucky.


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