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In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation & Hoop Light!

Written Article: https://rogueengineer.com/in-ground-basketball-hoop-installation/

Goalrilla In-Ground Hoops: https://goalrilla.com/basketball-hoops/in-ground
My Basketball Hoop: https://goalrilla.com/product/b3011w
Hoop light: https://goalrilla.com/product/b2415w
Basketball: https://goalrilla.com/product/b9000w

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17 comentarios

  1. Dad of the year material. Love that you leveled everything. Shooting on a crooked goal isn't fun. So many nice things to say about this build. I just appreciate that it took a short time to put something up that will payoff in sooo many ways.

  2. controlledchaos101

    wow loved this video thank you for posting it, and showing us everything we need to do it.

  3. 0:46 did she really just ride up that phone

  4. 8:47 best part of the video

  5. Question… I tried digging 4ft down on mine, but met with some extremely large boulders. I’m at about 39” . Do you think that’ll be sturdy?

  6. Who else has been wanting a basketball like this for their whole life and just watching to show ur dad and hopefully make him make one

    But u know he won’t 🙁

  7. I don't like the back fill against the tube.

  8. I love how his kids are helping

  9. More. More. More.

  10. Cement mixers are cheaper to buy than that b-ball hoop. Nice shot.

  11. Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland

    I typically watch your vids, but I had to stop this one. A $2500 basketball goal? I'm out man. I can't support that ludicrous price.

  12. Glad you nailed that intro, I remember the IG stories of Jamie mocking you trying to get it, haha.

  13. Love this! #wethenorth Go Raps Go!

  14. How many different takes did it take to get in the hoop?


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