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  1. Urshela made multiple appearances in this video and he still was not and all-star or was nominated for a gold glove🙄🤦‍♂️

  2. Eric and Kyle Bros

    All of those diving catches and frowns stops

  3. Ron Darling is always talking. Wow

  4. The best play is 59:59 😂

  5. Comment Washington if you think they will win
    Comment Astros if you think they will win

  6. The nlcs commentators are so biased towards the nats

  7. Um big baseball where the twins at?

  8. Postseason games always have the most top tier plays👌

  9. I don't like it when people make videos like this. Wait till the playoffs are over to post it. Don't post it before the world series. Just think if an amazing play happens that changes the outcome of the series, then in the future everyone will be like, "Where's that one play that defined the series?" and then they will dislike it. It's like posting a players season highlights in July. Wait till the season is over, or in this case the playoffs. Stop trying to post early just to get views and not include everything.

  10. The best overall play is Ryan Zimmerman’s diving catch 7:01

  11. 0:34 is one of the smoothest plays I've ever seen

  12. Brantley and Yuli just kept getting robbed😂

  13. Like astros

    Comment yankess

  14. I dont get why everyone wants to see home runs? This is much more fun to watch.

  15. What happened to Correa's WALKOFF in game 2, or Altuve's obliteration of the yankees in game 6, or did I miss something while skipping through anything non Astro related??????

  16. How about a vid of all the stankee errors. Hahahaha


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