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What VANS Are BEST For Skateboarding?

What VANS Are BEST For Skateboarding?

What vans should you buy for skateboarding + Skate session!

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learning tre double flips and inward heels on the bank, then talking about what vans you guys should buy for skateboarding. Vans are pretty solid and really popular but some of them are defiantly better than others for a lot of reasons.

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20 comentarios

  1. Sorry for another video about vans, just some stuff i wanted to talk about that i didn’t want to put in the last one, posting this likee a week after i filmed it because ive been unwell for this past week. Videos will be more frequent as of next week 🙏

  2. I do't skate vulcs they hurt my feet really bad

  3. You should do a unboxing on the Half cab pro and compare it to the Chima pro 2

  4. Israel david Facundo

    They were like 80$

  5. Israel david Facundo

    The shoes I have r the latt ST ones he showed the pro models

  6. what about the vans sk8 his and the slip ons?

  7. Dainius100 Gudelis

    Do 100 kickflips in authentic pros

  8. I’m getting the sk8 hi vans

  9. I’m sorry I honestly disagree I use vans and the first day I got them I got a hole in the shoe after a day of practicing tricks

  10. What vans are the ones ur wearing skating

  11. he says the pro models are the best
    Your welcome

  12. Is it bad that I forgot what I was watching for

  13. Im the 44,100 subsriber!

  14. Awesome video brotha!

  15. Crocs are still the best skate shoes.

  16. 2:05 every time I try to shuv it

  17. what about sk8 hi?

  18. I went through a pair of pro vans in like a week. Are then any other shoes that you guys would suggest? (Not vans please)


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