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First we turned a block of ice into a skateboard, then we took a board with blades to an ice rink and now we just go full send and turn a block of ice into a skateboard! And yes, we do know John Hill did this already!

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20 comentarios

  1. Get a glass rail and skate it


  3. Scam not 100% ice

  4. Алексей Тарасенко

    Кто из России

  5. BassManBobBassCovers

    Next time drill a pilot hole

  6. you should have worn socks over your shoes and you would have had tons of grip

  7. salt and sand should work for grip

  8. not trying to be mean but wtf was uzi doing lol

  9. Esto es un POCO DE TODO

  10. 2 bolts it will crack with 4

  11. That just made my dayyy dude thanksssss aw that's so cool

  12. I wass on the sameeee roaadddd noo wayyyy!!!!

  13. put grip tape

  14. “What do we do”

    duct tape

  15. If y’all predrilled (so it doesn’t crack ya bloody yahoos) & used smaller screws it would have worked, we did this back in the 90’s

  16. My dad makes windows I can send u guys some spare glass if you want

  17. plus, you dont need wheels to slide down a ramp on an ice board……duuurrp 🙂

  18. I’d try sticking grip tape to my shoes and seeing how that worked

  19. didnt drill pilot holes lol

  20. if you get another glass skateboard you should use borosilicate glass. the more sturdy glass, that pyrex brand uses. granted, u’d probably want a thicker board too.


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