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America’s Oldest Public Golf Course | Adventures In Golf Season 4

The Big Apple. The Empire State. The city that never sleeps. Erik finds himself in New York for this Adventures in Golf, presented by United, to play the oldest public golf course in the United States.

Golfers first teed it up at Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx back in 1895. The park charged nothing to play (unless you hired a caddie, which would set you back a whopping 15 cents). Because of this, and its proximity to New York’s 1-train station, the course was constantly packed.

Demand to play was so massive in the 1920s that the course had to do something. The answer, a reservation system. In other words, Van Cortlandt became the birthplace to tee times in America.

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20 comentarios

  1. Thi is my home course and I’m proud to see it being depicted in such a not so perfect but good golf course. Go Vannie !!!

  2. uhhh, i hate to spoil the party, but Foxburg was a public golf course in 1887

  3. Just happened upon your channel. Great stuff! Am now subscribed. This soon to be 72 year old, after a multi year layoff from playing, hopefully will get back to it before long. Interesting channel. 👍👍👍

  4. I can almost hear the New Yorker's screaming/threatening for going too slow/fast.
    You can have NY and that golf course………

  5. Now, I want to go to New York.

  6. Great presentation!!!

  7. I’m going nyc next year nd thought bethpage would be the course I was going to play. I was wrong!

  8. Accidentally twinning with Mr Sliva there Erik

  9. wow. just. wow

  10. Just made me homesick!

  11. The more seasons, the more bloody golf courses I need to play on…. but how will I ever tick them all off? Erik please elongate your episodes in Season 5. Life's to short for 10ish minutes, indulge yourself good sir, we all love 'em!

  12. 1890 — Does my home course not register enough?? Dutcher GC in Pawling, NY.

  13. can't believe that i'll be playing this course for my school's team once golf team starts

  14. what is it that makes the host so unlikable

  15. Erik this course is right by my college and I’ve had the pleasure of playing it a handful of times. A beauty hiding in the city, was always hoping you’d make this video!

  16. Eagle Springs Golf Resort in Eagle WI opened in 1893. Always been open to the public, and still owned by the founding family.

  17. That asst. pros swing made me flinch

  18. Ottawa Park toledo 1899. 16 of the 18 holes are still original design. Great course with great history

  19. That's crazy you played here! Which I could have caught you on the course it would have been amazing!

  20. Reminds me of Lickey Hills South B'ham UK, Quirky, somewhat flawed layout but with a genuine charm and character. And great views of the city of Birmingham in the distance.


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