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Last Junior Golf Tournament of the Year!

How did Lincoln do in his last golf tournament of the year? Matchplay is fun! I Won Jr. Golfer of the Year! https://youtu.be/VkTk80R–kQ

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20 comentarios

  1. He slices his shots really badly hope he get better with it

  2. He needs to control his swing to he flushes it every time. Also, might want to think about controlling your spin rate.

  3. His swing is awful

  4. I love these videos! Licoln is doing great👍🏼 keep it up, love the attitude!

  5. He’s going way over the top. He has a big slice

  6. And everything I do is golf related that’s the only reason I watched kid shoes 12+ in 9 holes wdym.

  7. Lincoln is trash at golf in general I’m over here working my butt off running on the snow being homeschooled practicing in my basement when it’s cooled scratch golfer and still this kid wins player of the year I even do 250 push-ups 5 minutes of planks.

  8. You are why junior tournaments don’t let parents watch. Wow let him do his thing and help him after the round.

  9. Don’t stress about these people’s comments. Good stuff just keep going at it.
    Prove everyone wrong about yourself!

  10. He needs to tuck his shirt in, that’s disgraceful

  11. What tournaments does Lincoln play in?

  12. Good job Lincon

  13. He’s pretty bad

  14. It looks like the club is working him more than he's working the club

  15. i love the golf vids

  16. Imagine playing golf for like 5 years and being this bad

  17. what is his handicap???

  18. The top score was a 44?!?!? I don’t even make top ten with a 39

  19. They said that 480 par 5 was LONG in the UK the par 5s are like 560

  20. Holy @ 9:59 when he skanked it sorry lincoln I’ve done that before and I have a tournament so know I feel great about my tournament thanks lincoln


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