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How To Spot A Poser At The Skatepark!

How To Spot A Poser At The Skatepark!

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Why Do Skaters Hate Posers: https://youtu.be/Eg4rqRqM73M

I know people who mall grab and are super good at skating, and a couple people who push mongo that are better than you would expect. Being a poser has nothing to do with how you hold your board or what foot you push with.

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So not trying to copy Chris Chann with his bottom of the description secret society thing but I almost didn’t upload this video because something about it I didn’t like. I didn’t plan much of what I was going to say in the video so it kind of seemed rushed. I overthink my content because I really do want it to be as best as possible right now. My channel is growing faster than ever right now and I don’t want to post BS content. So as a result, I overthink my videos and get demotivated. If you read this, make me feel better about this video by commenting down below. New video Friday the latest.

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  1. Updated video addressing some things people were getting butt hurt about https://youtu.be/Eg4rqRqM73M

  2. I’m a beginner I’m pretty bad at skating but I can Ollie. I know it’s an easy trick but it’s good enough for me

  3. Wearing poser brands is ok, as long as you don’t pretend to skate then you’re ok

  4. Ummm I wear thrasher and crap like that but I actually skate…. there are a lot of people who just wear it to try and look like a skater tho

  5. I thought the thumbnail said poster🤣

  6. I feel like a poser just cuz I wear vans lmao

    But srsly, it feels bad

  7. I have been riding a pennyboard for a while now but I stopped about two weeks ago and switched to a normal skateboard ( just for tricks) and I just bought my dream Longboard 😀

  8. I just started and I admit i suck suck that does that make me?

  9. 2:25 on the right, some guy eats it hahaha

  10. See I get made fun of because the only skate shop close to me is zumiez and people call me a poser 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  11. I always feel like a poser because I mainly like to just ride around as I have a fear of doing tricks due to an injury. Because of this I don’t tell people I skate and don’t post a shit ton on social media. Also I make fun of the fact and when people ask if I skate I just say “ nah I’m a poser”.

  12. October 2019 anyone ?

  13. where is this park? seems sick as fuck


  15. But what if you just have taste in skate clothes (not talking about thrasher btw)

  16. I am a Beginning

  17. This kid acts like hes the only skater on earth

  18. That skatepark tho lights and nice ledges, ramps etc. I thought the skatepark in my town was pretty lit for an outdoor skatepark lol😓

  19. 1:10, 12 years old Bae is Bryan Arnett
    Lady's and Gentleman we got em

  20. calls out posers while wearing thrasher


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