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Noel's "Favorite Finds" Surf Gear for 2017 Ep. 44

This episode is on my Favorite Finds for 2017. Throughout the year I test a lot of products and along the way a select few become my favorites.

Even the surf in this review is from my favorite surfboard reviews from 2017 that got the Surf n Show stamp as a favorite on our website at surfnshow.com.

Enjoy this review… and if you have something that you absolutely love and you want to share it with the rest of us then post a comment in the blog below. Cheers!!!!
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  1. Do one for 2019

  2. Loved this! I hope you do your favorites for 2018 and early enough to get those items put on wish lists! 😉 Thanks for the awesome work as always, hope to see you in the water

  3. always wondered how much kickbacks shape these reviews. But this man definitely has a knack for reviewing shit. Love it…

  4. We need one for 2018

  5. Definitely the best gear and surfboard reviews on YouTube. They are really helpful. I am considering on putting some front pads on my new board. What are your though of front traction pads compare to wax or maybe the pros and cons of each

  6. can you please do a review on a 5.4 mini simmons i really want to see a proper review on one

  7. When are the board raxxx available? Went to site but didn’t see them?

  8. Maximilian Linnett

    love how his first explanation for why the watch is great is that he can see if meetings get pushed back so he can surf more before he mentions how it's good in case of emergency. Like where you're heads at Noel.

  9. Hi Noel,

    First of all… thank you for such a great reviews.

    I am from Costa Rica (more than welcome to come at any time, just give me a howler), normally surf a beach break 2 to 5 feet; lately I feel my surfing slow.

    Just wanted to understand better the deal about using a larger fin with less sweep (or more rake, thanks for your teachings) when surfing small waves to generate speed. I am 5'7 and weight 177pds.

    My board is a 6'0 with 32.5 lts. Last fin I had, Performer PCC in medium size; I sold this one already. If surfing get a little bigger or stronger I will use a set of carver PCC in medium, however I am struggling in small surf.

    I hope what I am asking makes sense and looking forward watching more of your videos.

    Thanks and have a great day.

  10. Best and most honest reviews of surfboards and gear around!  You are the man Noel!  Thanks for testing out the gear the rest of us can't!

  11. I have a huge recommendation!! I've been riding a Left and Right AM2 and a Center AM1 on my boards. It is gawd awful amazing. It's not just me either, I've spoke with others and it seems to be the secret sauce in surfing. Give it a shot, id like to hear your feedback. I'm using this set up with Futures FYI

  12. Have you tried the hang air wetsuit dryer? My lady got it for me for xmas and it's a game changer! Great work on the videos best reviews around!

  13. ミリオンサーフ

    I purchased Performer Neo Glass following your review and it is just great! I surf knee to thigh high most of the time and I always wanted a bit more spring out of turn for such a small wave in Japan. I am now able to drive one foot more where it was not possible with JW yellow fins. This is second time I bought something following your review. The first one was Excel thin gloves. It is also another awesome product!

  14. Noel, how does the F8 compare to the AM2?

  15. What up Noel!? Sick reviews mate! Yours is by far the best review channel rolling at the moment. Really appreciate the info and inspiration! Looking forward to more stoke in 2018! EZ

  16. Hohohooo Noel ! Great show keep up this good work broo ! Can’t wait to see your Gamma review! Cheers 🍻

  17. Love this channel. Great reviews.Thanks man!

  18. Can you do a review on Channel Islands new technology spine tec

  19. Noel, the lost v3 Stealth appears in the final of de video, any particular reason? Do you have a board 2017 top list? I want buy a V3 Stealth but i still have doubts, there are very much options in these days

  20. I wonder whether they’ve put Spinetek out there to replace Flexbar. I heard they have discontinued Flexbar because they break so easily. Especially the deck….land on it with any pressure and the deck will crack. I’ve had 2 and both decks have cracked and for the first time in nearly 30 years had decks crack underneath a traction pad. Check out some of the used Flexbars online, so many have repairs.


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