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Review : $259 MEEPO BOARD – Wet, Rainy Day – World's Most Affordable Electric Skateboard

September 30, 2017 : This video is about my test of the Meepo Board under wet conditions. I did not try to go too fast as we all know that skateboard wheels do not really perform that well on wet surfaces. But it held up quite well.


Watch the unboxing at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTZHs9yTZq0

My thoughts:
– Acceleration : Very good even at slow mode
– Speed : I dare not try fast mode; fell off once quite badly; my fault; Ha Ha Ha
– Trucks : Quite ok
– Bushings : Too soft for my 95kg body; changed to stiffer bushings
– Front wheels : Doing ok
– Rear wheels : showing signs of tears here and there
– Deck : Feels like I’m standing on a pipe; feet become tired very quickly; I will be changing the deck to those with a bowl shape (like longboards)

Launch price : USD 259
Current price : USD 279
Shipping to Singapore : USD 60
Shipping to USA : USD 100

Music : Bottom of the Ocean by Dyalla

Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Hello COLIN! I’m currently in Singapore and… it would be AWESOME if you could send the location of the store from where you purchased the MEEPO board(if you did buy it from Singapore) THANKS

  2. TEKKEN EnterMyDragon

    Did you have to pay any import tax/ custom fee for the board

  3. Just got my meepo board today and I’m very excited to use it! Thanks for the video!

  4. is electric skateboards illegal in singapore? cause im confused bout the electric scooter case.

  5. is the meepo lta compliant?

  6. I just saw you downstairs at my house!! I’m the girl with messy hair XD you’re the person With Helmet And with tons of Cameras!! Rarely met a YouTuber! 😀

  7. Do this if YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET YOUR BOARD… https://youtu.be/E_NVGw6iJ7A

  8. Get a skate shoe.. 🙂

  9. I liked before watching the video… itz that goooood 😋😋

  10. Nice.. I plan to ship my Meepo 1.5 in SG n then bring it to batam 🙂

  11. Colin vs me game of skate ah

  12. i think one neistat is enough

  13. what country is this?

  14. Why is everyone copying Casey's style?
    Can't you come up with something original?

  15. dude your totally misleading people to believe this is waterproof.

  16. Hey, whats ur weights on d meepo 🤙

  17. How much is the meepo board with shipping in Singapore dollars altogether?

  18. Just heads up keep out of rain and wet areas, this board is not sealed and you will damage the battery or esc

  19. Awesome review, Colin.
    Fantastic scenery and great job with the drone footage.
    Hope to see more.
    Stay safe 😊👍

  20. Why always misleading and put big headline saying "259" when the price is actually $340-380? Does Kieran pay you to lie like this?


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