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The Insane Tech That Make America's Cup Yachts Fly on Water

The America’s Cup racing series is not a boat race, it’s an air race. The boats are airplanes that rise up on foils, using the same principles of lift as an aircraft—with none of the safeguards, and much of the risk.

More at The Drive: http://www.thedrive.com/watch-this/11055/americas-cup-sailboats-are-actually-airplanes
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  1. okay i understand how these boats can go faster then the speed of the wind they are in by their "sails" being airplane foils and "apparent wind speed" of a moving boat, but i dont understand that amazon thing with no wind at all.. anyone care to elaborate?

  2. The tech that leads to this is beyond cool, but this isn't sailing, this is foiling. Billionaires game, let alone a millionaires game. It's without a doubt cool tech, but the AM75 and not true sailing competition. This is alike to the difference between a prop plane and a modern day fighter jet, which employ far superior tech to achieve what they do. There is nothing wrong with how far they have advanced, but to say this is the same sport as is was only ten years ago is ludicrous. The AC75 will reach the moon sooner than the USA will, and good for them. But a monohaul boat deserves is place in history. A vehicle and an airplane are in different categories for a good reason, and these should be considered no different.

  3. Sure would've liked to see you guys in the next Americas cup because you guys were one of the best against Team NZ…

  4. It's very cool but this video sounds pretentious as hell. The design work these guys are doing is standard stuff, it's not like the invented the hydrofoil or anything. Saying that is incredibly impressive stuff.

  5. Artemis is a joke. They might as well have been sailing with an American flag on their stern. They were part of American Television's plans to sell off the pieces, and change the rules to the point where only their boats would even have a chance to win. New Zealand refused to be part of the deal. The plan was to get Artemis to sail against BMW, and have them " take a dive " so the Cup would stay in the US for another 132 years. New Zealand wanted to defend the honour and tradition in harmony with the Deed of Gift, which would have ended up in a shredder at BMW racing. The Kiwis want a fair regatta where none of that BS has a chance of happening. I hope it stays in Auckland for 132 years. They at least know what it means to the world of sailing.

  6. 90% of this is just B-roll and filler material with pretentious "artistic" cinematography. Only 10% of it was the actual tech and actual boat footage.

  7. New coolest sport

  8. Windsurfing Hydrofoil

    Everyone else has already started thinking about the next hydrofoil design for sailing cups but http://frpgear.com/ has already been producing them for the public.

  9. There is a wind sail and a water sail. The water sail also has a perpendicular wing which creates lift. The wind sail force plus the water sail force differential gives the forward movement. The forward movement with the perpendicular water wing allows lift. It's like an air plane wing except they are not moving fast enough for an air wing to lift but with the higher density of water vs air lift is achieved at lower speeds. Lift allows for less water friction, more speed, and more lift. Excellent engineering. Can't wait till its all computer controlled.

  10. Now they know some of your secrets.

  11. Not insane tech….but insane egocentric guys. Cool down babies…..

  12. They're pedling with their arms?

  13. It should really be called The New Zealand Cup these days. All the teams have kiwis in critical positions all through the teams. If your team isn't filled with Kiwis, you might as well not turn up to the Louis Vuitton. 😛

  14. It's unreal when you see them fly/hover/glide over the water the way they do, so much so that my mom and grandma were glued to the TV watching the race earlier this year. Car manufacturers have camouflaged their prototypes by wrapping them so why not do the same with the boats, just saying.

  15. you guys want fast sailing? two words. ICE BOATING. 100km/h is very possible.

  16. A beautiful piece of engineering

  17. This isn't sailing bring back 12m

  18. Amazing watching these things tear around!!! GO TEAM NZ


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