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IS FOIL RACING IN 30+ KNOTS POSSIBLE? | Professional Windsurfing Documentary | Ep. ⑦

One is a documentary series about professional windsurfing and the championship tour 2019. In Episode 7 the PWA Circuit is moving on for the next Foil Championship event. In Costa Brava gnarly conditions and plenty of wind is waiting for the competitors.

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A film by Ole Diebold
Produced by Nico Prien

Ole’s Website: https://www.olediebold.com/

Special thanks:
PWA Worldtour, Ben Profitt, Valentin Böckler, Diogo, Malte Reuscher, Enrico Marotti, Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, Jimmy Diaz, Taro Fujimoto, many more

Sound was recorded on my www.instamic.io
Super convenient that little thing 👍

Throughout the whole series I’m giving away one NeilPryde X:Wave HD in 5.0m2.
Each of you gets the chance to win this sail by simply leaving a comment under any of the episodes and being subscribed to the channel. Obviously if you leave a comment under every episode that will increase your chances to win 😊. GOOD LUCK!

Let’s Make Windsurfing Great ! #MakeWindsurfingGreatAgain
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20 comentarios

  1. Thes is why you kite and not surf

  2. Guys, can someone explain me something? I am really new at windsurfing so I don't understand why didn't they change the gear – sail size to lower one? As I tried, it is much easier to cope with strong wind on smaller sail…
    Thanks everyone for answers!:)

  3. Foils are for shitty winds, period

  4. Back pain ……. the life killer ….

  5. Only one champion, but more than one chump.

  6. I meant the full video of this race

  7. 12:41 hilarious automatic english translation error; "niggas aint welcome" while she's actually speaking German ^^

  8. Too much talking! Action, we need only action!

  9. Is there video of the actual race?

  10. Why not just have the right size sail . I go out in those winds and I have no problem and I’m not a pro

  11. Misleading title

  12. Cannot image how can you guys racing suck a big sail in this kind of condition.
    I'm 62KG and i try to sail with my 7.8m ACK sail in about 20-25kts condition,i just cannot control my board and risking to fall any time.
    Crazy man !

  13. that was pretty interesting to watch!!!

  14. Just amazing! Seeing the behind the scenes of the PWA and all the amazing sailors….LOVE IT!!!!! so great! Great videos…🤙🤙🤙😁

  15. Geiles Video, auf geht's Deutschland. Bleib gesund stark klug fleißig bitte. Mach's gut und weiter so.🌟⚘🇩🇪⚘🌟

  16. Cool episode – and it really shows, what it takes to do the PWA 💪👍

  17. This is wind foiling dumbasses. A normal foil uses the rider to propel it not the wind. This shit is about the gayest crap ever, it's up there with roller blaring. Pussies crying about wind lmfao hey dumbasses you depend on the wind for power. Bunch of pussies

  18. Is this in sant Pere pescador


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