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The 2020 Skateboarding Olympics EXPLAINED

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We learned three years ago that skateboarding would be included in the Olympics for the first time ever in 2020. Josh Friedberg, who started skating shortly after the 1984 LA Games, explains the history behind this historic occasion and how skaters can qualify to represent their countries. Tokyo, here we come!

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Sobre admin

20 comentarios

  1. Fuuuuuck it

  2. The qualifying is really complex

  3. Fuck capitalism, bring back the skateboard feelings

  4. Skateboarding is going to change the Olympics thats for sure

  5. “Governs skateboarding…” lol

  6. Fuck the sls format. I want medals for the best flat ground, the best ledge, the best rail , best on two wheels and then the best run. You say you want to show off the culture, then show off the different ways people skate. Ninejah is great but he isn't the epitome of skate culture.

    The sls format is contest culture not skate culture.

  7. So are skaters wearing national flags.
    USA vs Brazil
    This concept is disgusting and that what makes all other sports suck

  8. Mura mag kegz 😅

  9. So soon every person entering a contest will be sponsored, backed & trained by government programs. That doesn't sound like a good thing at all

  10. I’m fine with olympic skateboarding, but fuck this self-proclaimed skateboarding government association. You gonna tax my boards or what? Gonna tax how many times I push in my lines?

  11. I love this whole thing because I'm excited for the next country that never had a known huge skateboarding community explode, where we are thinking in 5-10 years "Jeez, all the best skaters are from Eygpt, or Italy, or Belgium is where all the good skaters live." Those countries not really known as skateboarding countries are going to have all this hidden talent uncovered, and I'm stoked.

  12. Skateboarding is too big for the Olympics

  13. Skateboarding is too big for the Olympics

  14. Skateboarding is being taken away from the kids who actually need it and instead is presented as a cash grab to jock dads and their shitty kids. Really depressing to see what it's becoming.

  15. Filip Zalud PH/OAK

    Yo man u forgot on australia canada and france

  16. Hearing all this I highly doubt the best will be there

  17. Sounds like some commie gobbledeegook

  18. So let's say I'm the 10th best skater in the world..if 3 other skaters in my country are better then I don't get to compete..but skaters who are much worse from other countries get to compete. Ok

  19. I grew up watching 411! Loved the whole “video skate magazine” idea. VHS baby! A lot of pausing and frame by frame to learn how the tricks where done. Basically how I learned to skate.


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