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#1 8th Grader Mikey Williams Plays Against VARSITY High School Players! DUNKS & Shows Off RANGE!

#1 8TH grader in the country Mikey Williams is NICE…. Played up with his future high school squad, San Ysidro High School at week 6 of THE LEAGUE hosted by the Compton Magic, and balls out just like normal! Goes up against Bakersfield Christian, with super dangerous PG Kadar Waller who went for 37. Then went up against Calabasas and gets a dunk after trying to poster people twice! Kid is the future and he lives right down the street from me so stay tuned for more on him as he goes through his high school experience!

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  1. Haven't made a thumbnail yet but the automatic one was pretty clutch lol who up watching doe

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  2. All these guys talking bout how this a freshman or JV team, these boys probably got more hoops than them

  3. 2:18 he so pressed to block a eighth grader shot 😂 he must be some 💩

  4. Aldous - The Insentient


  5. 200 subs and my parents will get me a dog!
  6. If that’s varsity idk what kind of players y’all go against cause they look like freshman’s

  7. How he made all 3?☹️🤔? Did he goaltending or sum? I’m confused

  8. I’m 3 years old and 6’9 this kid has nothing on me

  9. Joshua Montez Stone

    Jah played like ass in that game

  10. shortest varsity highschool

  11. Who is the dude with the box in the first game in the blue. Dude was lowkey cooking. He got the block and was getting to the rack

  12. He missed in the intro he said “ahh that’s off”

  13. hE NoT SuPpOsEd tO bE iN ThE 8tH gRaDe. Yes he is. Stfu.

  14. Y’all are not knowing of basketball. He plays well his game just more developed than his age. That’s how you know he meant for the game

  15. I think he is better than lebron

  16. Who else thought when he put slow motion he made it

  17. Is it just me or is jahzare always with Mikey


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