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Weather for Sailors

A sailor’s description of the various weather and oceanographic systems encountered at sea, and how these can be interpreted and dealt with by the small boat sailor without the volumes of internet based information and predictions available to land based arm-chair sailors.
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  1. A great presentation. Lots of the 'why' we tend to forget, which connects all the other knowledge we know together. Thanks for taking the time out to make, and upload this.

  2. 👍 that’s why there’s a low pressure in the sea of Cortez in the summer
    Thank you

  3. You Should Update Your Weather awareness Training, and Stop The Coriolis Effect Suggestions as We Know Storms are Independent and often 2 storms near one another will have counter rotation, irrespective of Equatorial Location, The Forces that cause Rotational direction are NOT a Coriolis effect and are still being Theorized…
    Just an observation

  4. Great lecture! However the pronunciation of "height" as "height-th" (with a th sound at end) was driving me crazy. "Depth" and "Width" have a 'th' sound at the end, but "height" as a 't' sound at the end. Other than that verbal tick, the content was excellent by any measure.

  5. Amazingly comprehensive lesson. Thank you for making this available. Wish I found this before my ocean trip to st Helena 🙂

  6. Thanks for making this lecture available. I have learned a lot!

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  8. I know this might not be a good question…. but an eddie on a river can be very strong and trap you.

  9. I have a question. You mentioned these eddies can be moving 3 and a half to 4 knots. Can you get trapped in these while sailing? Lets say the winds died…. would you get trapped? Having to motor out of an eddie?

  10. Cottontail Enterprises Android Army production

    Good job.. Teaching sailing is showing people how to sail a vessel which is a form of art and when you get the techniques down, water currents, swells , high pressure, low pressure , Coriolis effect and sailing into the wind and with the wind you will become one with the water wind and the way it moves the vessel and before long you will find that it moves the heart as well , so keep up that sailing and let yourself become one with this beautiful planet and let yourself sail away,, it's a beautiful experience that only sailors that let themselves become one with the elements understand this beautiful experience.. Parcels of air will be in your favor my friends and you will be blessed in your sailing.. Gale force winds are nowhere in sight and beautiful sailing is at hand for you to have beautiful experiences and safe sailing you shall all have to enjoy the beauty of sailing enjoy and blessings to all conditions will stay beautiful and there will be no drifting but complete control to all sailors,
    Always set your spirit free and you will see what old men of the sea''' always seen and forever you will thirst and shall cling to something only a special breed knows what it is to become one with the elements and those that can't turn away from something that is a journey only a true sailor would understand and will never turn away from the freedom they found''' they're called sailors of the heart becoming free to master where you know you must be to always be free and stay free with the never ending sea so vast
    The endless sea,, even bigger then I ever dreamed it to be and all that sea is there for me to always set my spirit free,
    So grateful I am to be given my place along with my vessel in time to enjoy the freedom of all that's been given, I thank you my sea that sets me free''' it shall always be you and me .. it must be for everything you know
    and for everything that shall be shown to you, so keep things safe and ye keep your sights on the free spirit you are and as long as you're a sea goer you shall forever be a free spirit''' don't you see sailor''' let it get in your blood and run through your veins , for that's a gift that's been bestowed unto you, the smell of the sea is calling for you ''' now go be with the sea always sailing knowing you must stay free and the sea knows if you follow your heart,, you too shall always be free''' always free.. Blessings and protection is granted to all sea goers and all shall have wonderful voyages with no harm.. There will be many blessings to all that read this,, so go now and always see you are forever blessed and she'll show the way..

    Comment by,
    writer: Aaron Lynn

    Spirit. (';')

  11. Excellent knowledge. Thank you

  12. Excellent!  Thank you.

  13. Outstanding video.  Very knowledgeable.  Not doubting your info but have a question that maybe you could explain: at roughly 29:30 you are talking about steering/heading relative to storm track.  If the wind/waves is/are coming from NW, wouldn't I want my bow INTO them?  Why would I want them coming into my stern?  Again, not doubting the information, but from a very, very green sailor (only spent about 3 years periodically underway in US Navy FFG. No real sailing experience.) it would seem that I would always, especially in a storm, want my bow into the wind/wave.

  14. Great, great lesson, thanks.  I suggest that the Wave Height Distribution bell curve has an error, in that Hs is by definition the wave height that is the 66.7 percentile of all waves, which means (as you say) that 1/3 will be higher. However, your "grey area" under the curve does not have the 1/3 point coinciding with the Hs point.  I offer this out of respect for the important, very-credible work you have presented and I assume this is just a glitch.  Thanks again.

  15. Very nice indeed.
    Thanks for all the effort and the info. I am really looking forward to see the rest of lessons! 

  16. thank you very much

  17. Paraworth Craig Papworth

    Amazing effort you have gone to help impart your knowledge. I am most grateful Thank you

  18. Great lesson (like all your other lessons)! Thank you for your time and effort.


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