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24] How to get a FREE Bluewater Sailboat | Abandon Comfort – Sailing & Boat Tour

NOT ALL FREE BOATS ARE CREATED EQUAL. The majority of free boats on Craigslist are the epitome of “Break Out Another Thousand” and are not something you should pursue. Go for the unicorns. If the listing has been up for more than a few days it probably isn’t worth it. Good luck on the hunt and see you all next Thursday night!

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20 comentarios

  1. Learning the Lines

    Maybe I'm a little biased, but AWESOME VIDEO guys! Randi and I had a great time having you two plus Roo on board. Thanks for the shout out and looking forward to sailing with you guys again sometime hopefully soon!

  2. I thought this was real. Shame on you. BOOO BOO BOOO BOO BOOOOO.

  3. Ash Hole Cigar Club

    Great info! What song is that in the beginning of the video?

  4. After I watched this I watched another. Quote: "you'll never have too much space on a long passage."

  5. Titusville I literally live in Titusville. Crazy.

  6. How to get a…. easy! – Set up a youtube channel. Look cute – maybe show some skin. Set up a patreon. Cruise for free – at least for a while anyway…… 😉

    …If you are charming enough, people will pay your way.

  7. This idiot thinks he's way to cool. Hey who did you murder to get this boat? What a freaking idiot!!!

  8. Agree with your comment that small but seaworthy is better – we owned an Illingworth designed Top Hat 25 that used to have a trans tasman race from Melbourne Australia – to WellingtonNew Zealand race every two years!

  9. Stumbled across this, so where is the most beaitiful girl on the web? Hmmmmm? Miss you guys😔

  10. Getting caught up your series and enjoying it.  One question – how have you managed healthcare and insurance?  That's typically a huge expense.

  11. How do you train the dog to go on the pad?

  12. Need a turf box like litter box for cats! Make the puppy happy!

  13. Thats all Im waiting for is a free gift boat!

  14. Hi. My last monohull was an endevour 26 i bought on ebay. it turned out to be an project boat and i sold it and whent in to multihulls. My current catamaran is a red baron.
    congratulations and merry
    Gerard on readybaron.

  15. Ik this vid's old but it seems no matter what you do if you buy the boat or get it for free you still sing the song " IO I Owe off 2 work I GO to buy the free boat of my dreams (whistle ) I.o I Owe Hi ho I Owe

  16. It might be free but nothing is truly ever free you know you're going to have to pull it out put it on the hard and do quite a bit of work to make it yours to the point where you know you can trust it out at sea

  17. What brand is your foldable dinghy?

  18. That couple there are so luckey in life. Gives me a bit of hope. Fifteen or so years ago I hit a reef at about 01:00 and sank mine, no ins.,, it was my dream home, I'd worked almost 30 years for it. I gave up. I've been living land locked and miserable ever since. Now I'm saving up so I can get back to the only life I ever had where I was really happy. I ck craigslist every day hoping to find a cheep or free sailboat. Thanks for the encouraging video, it even moistened my eyes a bit. Thank you.

  19. Btw, there is NO such thing as a “free” boat. In fact, the gifter was definitely the smartest of all involved in this “deal”. Especially if he decided to keep it. Try simplifying a LOT more. If the goal is “freedom” one must be completely untethered from the chains of society, and it’s endless expectations. You’re still not even half way there. Right idea. Wrong tactics.


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