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DHGATE Soccer Jersey Haul #1

FTF buys a few soccer jerseys from DHGATE

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  1. I honestly cant see how many of these are fakes. The "original" shirts are made in these countries the shirts at dhgate come from. I cant see how someone would go to all that effort just to make fake shirts

  2. Tre problem of DH gate is the time delivery

  3. retro jersey review
    would be awesome

  4. good content 👍🏻

  5. Wash these at a low heat in your washing machine and then let them air dry and they’ll be fine. No different to ‘authentic’ football shirts.

    How does the training gear fit? Is it nicely tapered/skinny fit?

  6. Man when I buy a jersey , where do I have to write the custom name??

  7. Buying fakes from Dhgate or any in China supports terrorism.

  8. on which website(link) did you bought them?

  9. Pls post the link sir.. thank you

  10. Link pls..

  11. All the real shirts are made in places such as Thailand and Vietnam and stuff so that isn’t them promoting themselves that is then copying the real ones

  12. 2 arsenal jerseys?

  13. Has anyone tried the new psg home jersey is it real looking? And would you say that player jerseys are higher quality feeling and closer to the real thing?

  14. Lecce Jersey?

  15. Nice video 🔥

  16. Are the jerseys true to size ?

  17. Bel video!!! Good video!! From italy!

  18. Nice vids bro.

  19. Hey man was wondering if u could do a cruz azul Jersey (dhagte)

  20. Oh and I recommend washing them inside out so the letters and numbers dont come off as quick


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