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Top 10 Coolest NBA Nicknames

Everyone wants a cool nickname, there had been some pretty awsome nicknames in NBA history and today we are counting down the top 10 coolest.

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Sobre admin

20 comentarios

  1. We missed you 😟😅

  2. 2:52 ……………Dr.dre ? 🙃

  3. "The Truth" is kinda defyed by paul's talkshow career.

  4. Robert Horry "Big Shot Bob" considering he often hit big shots and won 7 rings yes it fits

  5. World B Free lol

  6. Abdullah Al-Sageer

    The Claw/Klaw
    The beard
    The brow
    The Joker
    Dame dolla
    The Greek Freak
    The Splash brothers (although it is a nickname for two)

  7. you gotta put uncle drew

  8. Dan Live Basketball

    Golden state warriors and los angeles lakers

  9. Where shaq at tho ?

  10. Dr House makes doctor sound cool. Do ur research

  11. The coolest nickname for me is "the human highlight film" D. Wilkins…

  12. Clyde the glide?

  13. Black Jesus

  14. The Reign man shawn kemp T Mac ak47

  15. Hold on why was Shaq not on the video

  16. The Matrix; AK47; The Big Dipper; Agent Zero;

  17. Pistol Pete 😜🔫

  18. Where is “His Airness” (Michael Jordan)

  19. Were is uncle drew


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