Safety First guys! We tested out 4 different brands of knee, elbow and wrist pads. Which ones crack under pressure and which ones will actually prevent you from getting a shattered knee cap? We put our legs on the line for you!
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20 comentarios

  1. Ok, lets get serious guys. I took my car into the mechanics, just outside his shop was an Uber electric scooter for rent, I went for it, I scooted around a bit (I never ever been on a scooter before) I loved it but dig this, I am 62 years old, at 15 miles per hour on the asphalt a fall will hurt, be serious for a minute and demonstrate these safety gear right, I don't want to have to come down there and kick all your asses.

  2. Nigel was so loud and obnoxious it was literally so frickin dumb

  3. linex knee pads?!?!?!?!??

  4. Lmao they reference blue oyster cult all the time and I live where they came from, Long Island ny!!!

  5. Get killer

  6. You should have gotten 187 killer knee pads

  7. Poor Carlos, he nearly dies every video 🤣

  8. Test some wrist guards please …I got on board again for the first time in 10 years and had a great day skating. At the end of the day…I reconnected with an old friend , a pebble. A week later I still can't open my jar of pickles 😒

  9. How far are you away from the Braille skate house Because I am 1:17 hours away

  10. Thank goodness i have Triple Eight

  11. I found some pads in my garage I'm actually excited to try them out, been skating most my life but never wore a helmet or pads lol. Probably gonna get a helmet too, definitely will come in handy while doing vert.

  12. This was easily one of the most entertaining videos!
    Keep up the great work!!!

  13. 15:57 those pads are made to slip under pants when riding a bmx or mountain bike not really meant to slide on

  14. What happened to the new paint job on the mini ramp looks kinda gross now

  15. I have 187 Killer Pads knee pads, Pro Tec hemet and random elbow pads

  16. Who's the person with the coffee in the background at 7:54?

  17. I think the little pads that Nigel wore are made for guys that want to be “low key” about their pads and those are meant to go under your pants. Pretty dumb but thats the only reason I can come up with for why they are like that

  18. are we gonna put these on and shoot ourselves with a crossbow 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. Please put trucks on knee pads and skate it


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