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Volleyball tips: Passing techniques with John Speraw

John Speraw, Olympic Gold Medal Volleyball Coach and UCLA Head Coach, goes over passing technique. Learn the secrets of the proper way to pass including how to form your hands, place your thumbs and create a platform with your arms.
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  1. I think his head is volleyball

  2. i always skip volleyball practices last year and now here i am lmao

  3. Thx I have my first game on Thursday and I’m not perfect at passing XD

  4. vibekananda sharma

    Great advice ever, I heard

  5. i fell asleep !

  6. how can I spike your head😂
    Haha,Im just kidding

  7. Nice video but not clear 😊

  8. His head is shinier than the gym floor

  9. Thank you for this videyo cause im starting valleyball

  10. use code tbrn:frags

  11. who else doing try-outs at there school and wanna make the team😭

  12. Sorry but, which olympic gold metal?

  13. Hakyuu make me watch all this volley stuff

  14. i’m here from haikyuu

  15. im a middle school basketball coach happen to became a volleyball coach… and his head is brighter than my future as a volleyball coach.

  16. at 1:03 – "Some people can make their elbows touch when passing which is beneficial….who is why I was a middle blocker!!!! HA HA HA……. He also said that with a straight face 🙂

  17. This is great for me on my way to the court

  18. Mr. Clean remastered


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