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11-Year-Old FASTEST Swimmer | Future Michael Phelps?

11-year-old Clark Kent is breaking swimming records that Michael Phelps used to hold. The future is bright for Superman.

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20 comentarios

  1. 1:09??? My friend has 1:07

  2. Min chari maaa khalaaa9

  3. Amazing ❤ ❤ ❤ 💪 ❤ good luck

  4. ❤❤❤❤❤❤💪💪💪

  5. lmao I'm 12 and cant swim

  6. this kid just broke this kids record like a month ago this is fake

  7. this is click bait the real record for 11-12 is 51:14

  8. the time is acually 51.44 by this kid on my team . he is your age

  9. It's kind of interesting because the record in the world is 49.50 and he was explaining how much one second is too😂

  10. Bobthebuilder不你

    He probably has more than just a AAAA time

  11. No he be Swiming liek Girono

  12. Wait what? The record is only 1.09 for under 10?

  13. Timothy lee is faster than you

  14. He’s not the next Michael Phelps, he’s the first and only Clark Kent

  15. Finally an actually skilled kid at their sport

  16. His coach seems so nice. My coach would just scream at us for an hour and a half and work us until we had barely any arm or leg strength to get out of the water. (Which in retrospect, did teach me to push myself to my limits and be a good swimmer) Sometimes I wish i should’ve stuck with it, but I hated competitions for my life. I just hated waiting for 5-6 hours

  17. Most of the time I see him using fins but tbh he is really fast I’ve been swimming for 9 years I’m really fast but he is definitely faster than me much respect goes to him👍🏼👍🏼

  18. He needs help on his hands when on stream line. They are like curved and he has to keep them straight.

  19. Guy does Random things

    Me here has a 42s 50m breaststroke and flexing

  20. This kid isn't all too cracked up to be in my opinion, although he has high potential (as he is still only 11 years old) many others that I know can not only swim faster, they practice even more in swimming (7 to even 8 times a week)


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