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What's in my Badminton Bag TINSPT 2019

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What’s in my Badminton Bag TINSPT 2019
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  1. How can you cut a neotape small like that ??

  2. Almazanarjong Almazanarjong

    What is the max tension of astrox 99?anyone guys?

  3. my yonex astrox

  4. Tf is a astrox 38d

  5. ware can i buy yonex mavis 350?

  6. What weight of racket you used ? 4U or 3U?

  7. ผมขอไม้ ได้ไหม ครับ 🍃

  8. What a prize this kit

  9. Nathan Vansangkima

    Is it heavy astrox 38d

  10. very good video
    I love this game

  11. Khánh Nguyễn Quốc

    which string do you use?

  12. You can give me your arstrox99

  13. What is the music

  14. Do you use the original grip then put the yonex grip on ?

  15. アストロクス99のグリップ剥がれてきてる

  16. Tf is an Areoclear

  17. Денис Денисов


  18. BlazingFireball HQ

    Why is your Yonex feather shuttle fakep


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